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Comment 28 Jan 2016

Sun/Oracle - Can you go to Actions-Agent Actions-Alarm Actions-Disable?

Vmware - The update should always be done with the possibility of everything going completely wrong.  I wouldn't do it until you can get the first issue fixed.  It's unlikely it's beeping on accident.

Veeam - You can make anything a datastore.  Get a NAS or an external drive and back it up.  If you are version 9, you could enable Bitlooker and save some space, but I would just get the space.

*Professional Advice*  If you are in charge of IT, you need to dictate what is going to happen because all you have to do is lay out what is going to happen if you don't.

Comment 09 Feb 2015

It may behoove any parent or child to not make life decisions based on what other say on a message board or twitter.