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Comment 04 Dec 2017

Yes indeed, JT is my Quarterback!. 

The best thing about the end of this season is that I have hope that next season I won't have to wade through a dozen threads like this one every day.

Comment 04 Dec 2017

It's funny how JT HAS made similar throws and yet everyone completely forgets them in their haste to focus on his bad throws.  It's funny how often I hear "JT can't make those throws" WHEN I HAVE IN FACT SEEN HIM DO IT MULTIPLE TIMES THIS SEASON. 

Comment 30 Nov 2017

QB run on first down drove me crazy last week.  One thing that JT can do very well:  he can hold the mesh point longer on a hand-off than just about any QB I've ever watched:  Guts galore.  There have been so many times that no one, including the announcers, had any idea who had the ball.  Opposing defense is all piled up one player only to realize someone else just made a first down on the other side of the field.  Love that.

Comment 05 Nov 2017

Thank you, Miami.  After sticking one toe into the festering swamp that is the majority of the threads on this site at the moment I bee-lined it to the forum to find your weekly post.  This was a disheartening loss to a team that played its heart out in order to defeat a giant.  A coach who schemed up some extra special sauce to gain advantages.  A fake punt to make a sick child's dream come true.  A team (and an entire fan base) that had no respect for them and thereby came in and played without their full effort.  This was a magical moment for Iowa, and I don't begrudge them it.  They earned it.  It was a game that Iowans will celebrate for years.  We have a few of those, too.  I've been on the winning side of such games and it is glorious indeed.  Not so much on the losing side.  November 4. 2017 was a BAD DAY for the Buckeyes.  But I do not think such losses define a team.  And I certainly do not think it justifies the filth that is being spewed in other threads.  One week JT is Mr. Heisman with everyone fawning at his feet, the receivers are dazzling and the defense is the country's most terrifying.  One week later JT needs to be benched, the receivers inept, the defense is trash and the coaches should all be fired.  Bipolar.  I personally will be avoiding this site until after our next win because the current commenting makes me physically ill.

Comment 03 Nov 2017

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Paris!

After watching Webb land on his head on that hurdle I'm shocked that he wasn't seriously injured.  I was concerned when he just popped back up and ran back onto the field!

Comment 03 Nov 2017

Timely article, Mr. Jones.

If everyone is doing their job there is no counter to this strategy because contain and funneling is built in.  In past years this has given us a huge advantage in field position.  I'm not a member of the "just kick through the back of the end zone" crowd.  I'd prefer that it get FIXED before the post-season.  Makes no sense to me to simply jettison something that gives us such an edge.  Adding more first-stringers to ST makes perfect sense to me and I appreciate Meyer's "stubbornness" on this issue.

Comment 29 Oct 2017

nope, they are the same dudes who monopoliize the game threads every week, vomiting all over the players and coaches every week.  Probably the same ones that made the live chats so bad that the site shut them down.  It's a darn shame that we have nowhere to go to chat about the games live without putting up with that toxic crap.

Comment 29 Oct 2017

Just prior to Barkley's 36 yard TD in the second quarter PSU's total rushing stat was -4.  He only got a net of 12 yards the remainder of the game, taking as many TFLs than positive gains.  The only other big run he got was the 97 yard kickoff return on the first play of the game.  Good strategy for the coffin kick : beeline it directly to the opposite side of the field and run up the sideline.  I was pretty upset when we were sitting 2 TDs down after the fist 5 minutes of the game because that was PSU SOP - that's how they've been winning games this year: get up fast and make the opponent play from behind.  I just felt that with 2 weeks we should have been better prepared for those 5 minutes.  Felt like I was watching a rerun of last weeks' PSU-TTUN game.  Melvin Gordon should give Barkley a hug because he knows what it feels like to get stuffed by the Silver Bullets.  McSorley put up  more rushing yards than Barkley, which we all know from experience is a recipe for disaster.  Our O and our D played lights-out and would have won this game by 20+ points if it hadn't been for the ST gaffes.  The only other gripe I had was that was in those last 2 drives when we desperately needed points on the board with the clock ticking down I was very frustrated to see Weber in there instead of Dobbins.  Maybe Weber's blocking was more important  than putting up rushing yards.  JT did a fine job of getting it done through the air, but I sure would have loved seeing Dobbins rip off a long TD run.

Comment 27 Oct 2017

I'm not one that typically dotes on numbers, but there are a lot of numbers that have given me a modicum of comfort this week.  Ohio State has a significant edge in scoring offense (both rushing and passing), 1st down offense, 3rd down conversions and red zone offense.  We ostensibly can move the ball down the field and put points on the board more effectively than PSU.  Our biggest concerns for this game seem to be passing yards allowed, punt return defense and penalty yards/game.  If our guyz can play clean and keep Barkley from ripping off too many razzle dazzle impact plays PSU can dance around between the 20s all they want as long as our D keeps them out of the end zone.  In the end the only numbers that count are the ones displayed on the scoreboard at the end of the game.