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Comment 04 May 2012

Agreed - unless there's more to the story (and obviously there could be) it sounds like OSU did the right thing throughout.  Wonder if we'll ever hear the full story.

Certainly respect the decision to decommit, unfortunate that the father blames the staff.

Comment 04 May 2012

Must've missed the new OSU recruiting pitch, "Come for the football, stay for the BW3 pedophile."

Seriously I understand being creeped out and everything, but this is not an OSU problem - this is a creep problem who could have been a fan of anyone.  I'm glad our compliance seemingly handled everything correctly and that (hopefully) the guy is not really affliated with OSU other than being a creepy head leaning creep.  I'm sure if he actually is affliated in some way or another, he no longer is, and also bears a striking resemblence to Lord Varys.

Comment 21 Feb 2012

If only Zaphod Beeblebrox was on the team... maybe between his third arm or second head we'd score a few more points.  42 more to be precise.