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Born and raised in SEC country. My parents went to TOSU, as did my brother. Most my extended family lives in Ohio.

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Comment 28 Dec 2018

i mean dj isnt wrong though

you think saban or dabo would start jt over haskins? no theres a reason clemson and bama are consistently in the playoff...their only loyalty is winning.

Comment 27 Dec 2018

what have we done this year (besides the michigan game, which is just urban being classic urban and destroying a rival) to make any of you think we will with by 5 touchdowns? this game will be a similar score to the TCU game.

Comment 18 Oct 2018

I feel like with the last couple weeks having lackluster performances. Coaches still figuring things out. our d giving up big plays all year against a playmaking machine. Purdue is trending upppp. Losing the last 4 out of 7 (without holy buckeye  would it not be 5 out of 7). Everything about this game screams close game or trendy purdue upset pick. With all of that going on I feel like we roll in this one. Urban is at his best when shit hits the fan so to say. I think this is the week we figure it all out.