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Comment 10 Jun 2020

The fourth grade writing teacher in me cheers when a Ramzy Nasrallah article comes out! These days I've just resigned to suffering through the appalling writing online, so what a joy to ride your smooth words like a wave.  You have SUCH whimsy and flow, Ramzy! What a distinctive voice, and I feel like you're talking right to me. Thank you for your gift!

Comment 05 Dec 2019

LOL You did fix it for me. I do so love a minimalist writing style, though. Why use 10 syllables when 1 syllable perfectly expresses my thought?  But absolutely, Ramzy's writing is excellent and singularly outstanding!!!! 

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I am appalled at most of the sports writing I see these days, but I'm so used to it I've just accepted it as part of life. I forgive the typos, misspellings, and wrong verbs. I give up trying to decipher word salad sentences after a few times and move on.   When I come across good writing it's such a wonderful shock. Your writing is like an oasis in the desert.

Comment 30 Sep 2018

To David Wertheim: I love the clever way you structured this story around the win probability. I often look at these win probability charts from ESPN and love to see how the drama of the game unfolds next to graph. I'm really appreciative of the creativity and whimsy of the eleven warriors writers. You bring enjoyment to the football experience!

Comment 16 Sep 2018

This is the first mention I've heard of TCU playing with their hair on fire the first quarter. Within the first couple of minutes my thought was it would be impossible for TCU to maintain this frenzied level and we would win the game. I'm rarely that confident about a game outcome, but I felt it in the first couple of minutes and never doubted TCU would be too fatigued to overcome us. What is surprising to me is that TCU looks like it could beat OU!

Comment 20 Aug 2018

I agree. Another way they will play this is a statement that OSU has zero tolerance for domestic violence or sexual assault of any kind. Even if Urban Meyer is 100% reinstated with no suspension, OSU will make it clear in some way where they stand. Anything else would not be a good look. It may include donations to a women's shelter or something of that nature. Also something to the effect of "we believe accusers" - that even if Courtney lied, drank too much, or was unstable, she could very well have still been abused. I'm NOT agreeing or disagreeing with all that I've just stated, just this is what I think the university will do to cover themselves. Otherwise it would be a bad look. It's okay if you want to downvote my comment.

Comment 14 Aug 2018

Thank you so much again. I'm with the other commenter; I've been on the same wavelength as you since the beginning. I'm a huge Buckeye fan and follow it maniacally, but it's hard to see so much smoke and not think there's fire. I really just want the truth. And yes, I want a coach that wins! So I guess it's hard for people to see these two things as not mutually exclusive.