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Comment 30 Sep 2019

I actually think depth at both of those positions is ok for now. There are two tackles (Alabi and NPF), guards in Cupp and Miller, and Miller can play center if needed as well. NPF isnt transferring because he is going to start next year when Munford, Bowen and Alabi graduate. Next year is when there is a concern with depth. As long as guys like Jones, Vimahi, Cupp, Jacoby, D. Jones and Wray keep developing then there is not much to worry about. Especially with Paris Johnson coming next year and looking to get PT as difficult as that is.

LB is also deep and now that they play 2 LBs and sometimes 3 they are fine. Guys like Gant, Pope, Mitchell, Stover and Eichenberg are going to step in just fine.

Comment 30 Sep 2019

Some banks have reciprocity internationally and do not charge transaction fees. For example, BNP Paribas in France has reciprocity with B of A. It doesnt look like Chase affords the same opportunity but you can try. It looks like your transaction fee will only be about $3 from the bank plus whatever the ATM charges you. it is worth it and convenient to do it this way. With that said, just use a CC that has no foreign transaction fees. This is the easiest way to travel and limits your risk of losing cash.

Have fun!

Comment 06 Jul 2019
Just did this myself. Tried everything under the moon. Go to a store that evaluates how you sleep. You'll basically answer a bunch of questions and tell your what firmness you need. We ended up with a luxury firm mattress from Saatva 45 days ago. Any back pain I had is gone and the mattress is great. They make the mattress on order and then deliver and set up in your home. Very happy with our choice so far. Also you can return it after 90 of you don't like it.
Comment 10 May 2019
By David Justice no less. But I was having a hard time making the correlation. Makes much more sense after clicking on it
Comment 29 Apr 2019

He had Louis Riddick on last week and all he could do was say how great Haskins is and will be in the NFL. Couldnt heap enough praise and Dan let him speak and didnt offer a word against Louis. He will be in a good spot with the Redskins to learn from Alex Smith and Colt McCoy. 

DP is definitely an OSU fan he just downplays it and says he doesnt have fandom anymore. He will also say he used to be an OSU fan.

Comment 02 Jan 2019
I was there in the North end zone and people were amazingly quiet. The only time they would make a peep was during a third down on our side of the field. They also would throw up a "three" with their fingers. I stood the whole game and wasaking noise the whole time we were on defense. I told all the fans that I was gonna be there all day and that they may as well join me. There were about 5 rows of people behind me who wanted to partake and about the same a section to my right. Other than that crickets. Washington fans were much louder and if you ever go to a UW game in Seattle it might be one of the loudest venues you go to. Their fans are passionate and do a great job of supporting their team on game days. Our fans can do better and no I'm not a college aged kid.
Comment 05 Dec 2018

I would stay in Santa Monica leading up to the game and then see if you can get a hotel in pasadena the day before and day of the game so your trip home isnt so far. 

Lot K is a good tailgate lot but on asphalt.

Lot 5A and 5B are great lots to tailgate and on the golf course so much cooler if we have an abnormally warm day. I am sure there will be OSU tailgates all over. Link up and have fun.

Comment 22 Nov 2018
There's one in Ocean Beach now. American Junkie downtown is a good place to watch the game as someone above said.