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Comment 10 Oct 2017

I am completely surprised about Lagow getting benched. It sounds bad to anybody that didn't watch the game when they hear a benched QB lit up OSU, but he was in the zone during the first half that night. Pressure in his face and put the ball in the only place he could almost every time. The few times he didn't were tipped passes his receivers caught anyway. I didn't think he was capable of doing that all season, or even an entire game, but I thought he would be a legit top 3 QB in the conference.

Comment 05 Oct 2017

Just wanted to throw this out their regarding O/D/ST champions of the game. I have no personal knowledge of how they come to this decision but I do not think it is arbitrary and can probably guess how Terry was still graded a champion despite the cheap shot penalty.

Each position player is graded on each play. When I played college, we used a numbering system for each play and it is the same method I use as a coach today. If you do your assignment properly or make a good play, it is graded as a 2. If it is a play that you didn't do everything right or for example, a QB throwing the ball away is graded as a 1. If you make a bad play or do not follow your assignment, you get a zero. There may be some slight subjectivity to how a play is graded but a coach will usually explain his rationale. 

In this case, Terry may have scored a lot of 2s throughout the game which would have negated a single zero. 

Comment 27 Sep 2017

That is exactly what happened. I initially thought he was concerned about the LB underneath and tried to get it over the top but put too much on it. After re-watching, the LB underneath was not remotely close and wouldn't have been a factor.

Throwing mechanics involve literally your entire body, but everything starts at the feet. If you do not transfer your weight such as JT did on that throw, it changes the release point and the ball will sail high or fall short depending on how hard the upper body works to make the throw. Where you plant your lead foot also impacts accuracy. If you ever see a QB throw the ball behind a WR on a slant/cross/dig, look at where the front foot is pointing when he makes the throw. The ball goes in the direction that front foot is pointing.

Comment 26 Sep 2017

There is some truth to that. But that is also the case with mechanics in general. Some kids are born with the natural ability and others have to work at it.

With rolling out, I think it comes down to coaching. There are specific techniques that should be taught to prevent bad habits. It could be that some of these kids that do not look natural doing it have never really been taught how to do it.

Comment 25 Sep 2017

Going to use this opportunity to explain QB mechanics again, but will say Barrett and Haskins both looked good. Aside from the mental aspect of the game which will come in time with Haskins, he needs to learn when to use touch and when the ball needs to be on a line. It's common for big arm QBs to throw the fastball every time. Braxton and TP were both guilty of it. You don't throw the ball as hard as you can on a shallow crossing route which they did frequently. I believe he will figure that out though.

Now on to the mechanics. JT missed the corner route throw but his other incompletions were justifiable, specifically one incompletion that I want to talk about. Down on the goal line, a play was called that had JT rolling left. Marcus Baugh flashed open and would have been an easy TD if JT could have thrown him the ball. Instead, the ball was not remotely close to being catchable. Here is where mechanics come in. As JT started to roll out, he had a defender chasing him from the inside. Had this play been a rollout to the right, this defender chasing him wouldn't have been a factor as JT would have still been able to deliver the ball. Accuracy may have been sacrificed since he would have had to throw across his body, but at that short of distance, most QBs can complete that pass. Rolling to the left is a different story. When rolling opposite, a QB has to square his shoulders to the target in order to deliver an accurate pass. In this instance, had JT turned and squared his shoulders to the target, he would have been immediately sacked which is why the throw looked the way it did.

As long as QBs get proper depth on rollouts, I prefer QBs roll out the opposite way because it forces good mechanics which results in more accurate throws. QBs tend to cheat and throw across their bodies when rolling to their strength. Throwing across your body sacrifices both accuracy and power. Try it sometime if you are throwing a ball around with your bodies. Run completely horizontal and throw the ball, then run towards your target and throw the ball. You will feel the difference.

On a separate note, I do not understand why OSU is calling these rollout plays. It is one thing to do a hard play action and roll opposite, but these are not those types of plays. Definitely more effective in HS and lower levels, but when you roll out, you cut the field in half and make it easier to defend. Unless you are hitting a quick out, the only time it works at this level is with a smash combination against cover 0 which puts the corner on an island and creates a mismatch with a LB having to defend a slot receiver. Backside crosses or drags are great for rollout plays but only if there is play action to time it up and allow the receivers to get across.

Comment 15 Sep 2017

Yes, I both played the position and still coach the position. 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I have only taken an issue with negative comments made with the sole purpose of tearing down a kid. There are plenty of issues OSU needs to deal with and those can be debated. But if you have an opinion, it is also ok to challenge that opinion.

I said this before, but OSU fans are not accustomed to losing so naturally we do not handle it well. I thought it was kind of lame when Aaron Rodgers said it but now I kind of get it now. Everyone, just RELAX.

Comment 14 Sep 2017

Totally, DibbleDabble. Literally cannot walk or sit because of extreme butthurt. 

Do you have more butthurt gifs you'd like to post? Dig in to your library and post them after all of my comments.

Comment 14 Sep 2017

Sarcastic. And I hope someone on here got the movie reference.

Comment 14 Sep 2017

You are right, Go Bucks. 

All I wanted was someone to say, please explain why they don't know what they are talking about. Only got that 1 time and it's buried at the bottom of this post. Seriously, if you haven't, go read it. 

Comment 14 Sep 2017

John, you are going in circles my man. That has nothing to do with what I am talking about. 

Comment 14 Sep 2017

I think you along with others are missing my point when I say he doesn't know what he is talking about. If that is an opinion, it is not based on any facts. Please scroll down a little lower and read what I wrote about throwing mechanics. I'm actually rarely ever a dick. But these diminishing/trashing comments being tagged as opinion should be supported by an actual logical thought. 

Comment 14 Sep 2017

So I get a mod edit and post removed for calling someone a dipshit but dude calls me a dick and the post remains?

i do feel bad for you MODs though. Can't imagine having to read this stuff everyday. There is some good stuff. But most of it isn't. 

Comment 14 Sep 2017

Read the second sentence of the forum post and try telling me the sole purpose of this forum post wasn't to trash JT. 

And he doesn't know what he is talking about because throwing a ball far doesn't require a 7 step drop. And seeing a dude throw a ball 25 yards to someone standing still is poor analysis. 

Sorry for calling out the ignorance. You are right, I'll take a breather so the stupid can continue. 

Comment 13 Sep 2017

I guess my negative toned comment goes well with the negative toned forum that was created to trash JT. My comment has nothing to do with what Kevin Wilson says about Haskins.

But thanks. You nailed it