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Ohio native but currently reside in Atlanta. I am a lobbyist and run a trade association for small businesses. Married to a Spartan. Dog named Archie after the Great One.


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Comment 24 Aug 2012

Hey man i wasn't criticizing or casting aspersions your way, but we've also seen a lot of other Florida fans who feel very bitter and betrayed by Urban.  Not everybody has been able to step back and recognize the 2 championships, the SEC titles and the other accolades he brought to the program.  I get where some Gator fans are coming from and on some level I'm sure I'd feel the same way.  Maybe you don't feel that way.  I just thought maybe some of your takes, while I'm sure very accurate and spot-on, maybe come with a slight bias due to the circumstances.  Maybe not though.


No need to throw down the all caps on me bro.

Comment 24 Aug 2012

Interesting though not surprising that the group isn't so bullish on the 2012 squad as most OSU fans are.  I wonder how much of that is driven by how bad the team looked last year.  I also think Spencer is a tad jaded and angry at Urban because of the way he left Florida. 


Nice piece though.  Great work in lining up such a good roster of opinions.

Comment 26 Jun 2012

Penn State's football program hasn't been punished much from what I can see.  Sure this is embarassing but they are still getting some really good recruits and last I checked they could play for a B1G championship this year (yeah right with McMoxie at qb) and can play in a bowl game.


I think if anything, we can clearly draw from the Sandusky trial that there existed a culture of denial, coverup and subterfuge at PSU.  That culture directly contributed to more little kids being molested by Sandusky, some of which took place at PSU inside their own football facilities.  We know the NCAA has sent them a letter of notification and it very clearly mentioned Lack of Insititutional Control.  They may not have paid recruits, engaged in academic fraud, or had any players selling memorabilia for tats (Oh God! The horror!  Also that would require them to actually win the B1G or play in a BCS bowl) but to me I don't see how the NCAA can just ignore the fact that a member institution's athletic department directly contributed (by not engaging law enforcement and treating Sandusky like a Catholic priest) to kids being harmed in the worst of ways.


I agree PSU is one of the better programs in the B1G and if we are to topple the SEC then it will take all hands on deck, but I don't think looking the other way and actiging like awful things didn't happen in Happy Valley is a recipe for the kind of success the B1G should be striving for.

Comment 07 May 2012

I would echo what you said about Urban.  I saw him here in Atlanta last Friday at a Chick Fil a event on leadership.  He's very straightforward and no BS.  Tebow was there too and you can tell those two are very close.  Say what you want about Tebow but the guy is a gifted public speaker and I really enjoyed the panel discussion they had with CNN's Soledad O'Brien.


Urban has that magnetic type of personality, intense, but if you are a competitor and like to win you are draw to him.  It's easy to see why he's such a good recruiter.  Part of the reason I don't think OSU is out of it with Anzalone is that I truly believe Urban can salvage any relationship so long as the kid wants to compete and win. 

Comment 14 Dec 2011

I call poppycock on that top 50 album list.  No MMJ "Circuital?" 


Comment 15 Nov 2011

This season has been a total bummer.  Suspensions, injuries, frustrating lack of offense, shit show in Miami, the collapse of a once-great and proud defense at Nebraska, more suspensions, some more injuries, Purdue, realizing for the first time in a long time we won't be favored to beat Michigan, picturing how much it would suck to not beat Michigan, hating Michigan, hating Brady Hoke, wishing for a respectable finish, hoping for good news from the NCAA, expecting bad news from the NCAA.


But the silver lining in all of is that we can say with almost certainty that Jim Bollman, his piss poor schemes and playcalling and his lack of player development (come in as a 4 star lineman, leave as a 2 star lineman) will be no longer coaching at our beloved university.  That friends will be a sweet day.

Comment 14 Nov 2011



Seriously another great piece Ramzy.  Part of me wants to believe Paterno "did what he needed to do" if for no other reason its really hard to stomach the thought a grown man would actively coverup or obfuscate child rape to extend his own career.  Its just sickening and sad.

Comment 24 Oct 2011

Oversigning only works when its coupled with a good coach.  Houston Nutt is the king of oversigning and never has much to show for it.  The Ole Dickhead errr Ball Coach loves him some oversigning too but South Cock hasn't one a whole lot.


I don't care that its wrong from a moral or ethical standard.  Morals and ethics in college football, whatever remained of them, seems to have died with the BCS and TV networks manipulating conferences for cash money.  My problem is that it absolutely creates an unfair playing field and I don't care if the SEC comes up with a solution (HA!), the NCAA comes up with an across the board solution (HA! HA!) or maybe we just ought to repeal our self-imposed cap.


Oversigning isn't going away and the SEC coaches recently voted overwhelmingly against a proposal to at least curb its usage.  We know the NCAA loves a soapbox but chooses to ignore this issue so how about Jim Delaney get with the times and let us fight this battle on equal ground.

Comment 24 Oct 2011

Saban is a very good coach and recruiter (Les Miles is as well though not as good as Saban) but I find it extremely dismaying that nobody, i repeat NOBODY talks about the inherent advantage both coaches use in "aggressive roster management" aka oversigning.  The NCAA either needs to step in with a B1G type of rule or we should start employing the same tactics.  If kids are getting half season suspensions for selling jerseys for tattoos yet a "well-respected" hall of fame coach is cutting kids because they didin't live up to their five star billing from SCOUT I think NCAA football has officially jumped the shark.



Comment 14 Sep 2011

I'm generally anti-booing players but there are exceptions (like the first time Pryor shows up on campus).  I am however all for booing OSU fans (especially those in the AARP set) who tell me to be quiet and sit down.  After I boo you I will break your hip and drink all of your Ensure.  I drink your ENSURE!  I DRINK IT UP!

Comment 13 Sep 2011

Any chance Nuuuuuuuuuuge has a younger brother,  twin or cousin who would like to be the starting kicker for OSU?  Basil is mas terrible thus far this year.

Comment 08 Sep 2011

I've taken a new worldview on conference expansion among many other things: "What Would Patrick Bateman Do?"

Comment 29 Aug 2011

You are a gifted writer Ramzy and I'm glad you choose to share it with us as Buckeye fans.

Comment 23 Aug 2011

1) Pat Forde writes articles for the lowest common deonominator (aka people who take the agenda and spin of ESPiN as gospel; see also "the South")


2) If Calvin Johnson is Megatron would that make TP Starscream?


3) Mangold named his beard Mjolinir.  He is awesome on so many levels.

Comment 16 Aug 2011

What do eleven year old kids know about blacking out enough to name their band after said drunken awesomeness?  Kids these days!

Comment 15 Aug 2011

So Danny Sheridan and the NCAA supposedly know who the Newton "bagman" is and where he resides.  Too bad the NCAA has zero subpeona power.


Also Cam bought a place in my building in Atlanta and he's a smarmy doucheknuckle with friends who treat our pool like a Dr. Dre video circa '92.  Not a fan.

Comment 03 Aug 2011

1) Avoid Chocolate milkshakes at the Weiner Circle at all costs

2) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate at the festival and if there is one must-see band in that lineup it is My Morning Jacket.  Simply awesome live

3) I've learned through this whole OSU scandal that what may look bad in a blog posting, or even an article in SI by a supposed Pulitzer winning journalist, doesn't always mean it is a NCAA violation.  I'd love to see Smug Saban and Bama taken down a peg but I'm not going to jump all over them because we all know what it feels like to get trolled on.



Comment 19 Jul 2011

Great piece as is the norm for Ramzy.  The only thing I take umbrage with is the notion that being a OSU fan is a voluntary exercise.  For some, maybe, but for others who attended and graduated from the school, seeing OSU trashed on a repeated basis means more than just our beloved football team taking a beating in the press.


Thankfully I'm not in the job market but if I were I'm sure I could look forward to potential employers (not located in the State of Ohio) making snarky and demeaning comments to the tune of, "Ohio State, do they still have a football team?" upon reviewing my resume.  OSU football is king and will always be the first association when referring to Ohio State, but all this bad press doesn't exactly help further the image of tOSU rising in the ranks as a academic and research powerhouse and place to be proud of getting a degree from.

Comment 12 Jul 2011

How about America files a class-action lawsuit for the rip-roaring awfulness and douchebagery that is Chris Berman and his annoying-to-the max over-the-top catch phrases that haven't been slightly amusing and/or cool since '94.  If one man can ruin a cool sporting event, it is the fatty with the baritone voice, cheap shirts, worse ties and awful catch phrases.  I know ESPN has some vendetta against OSU but I'm starting to think they also have some vendetta against the American sports fan.