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Comment 23 Jan 2020

Wondering the same thing. It seems like whatever happened in the WVU game absolutely killed this team.

I realize they were playing unrealistically well early on, but damn if I can figure out why the wheels have simply fallen off. I'm of the mind that (like an earlier poster mentioned) there's something brewing in the background that's pulling this team down.

I don't think this is all, or even a majority due to coaching (although the coaching staff sure isn't blameless). A big part of this mess is chemistry and effort. I think it's time for foot to meet ass with some of these players. You can only coach so much, then it's on the players to step up and respond. And I get it that this is a young team, but they should be more motivated to not embarrass themselves game after game.

Sure do hope this team can salvage some pride in the balance of this season.


Comment 28 Dec 2019

Agreed. I think the way that Ryan Day and his staff have taken the talent and maximized it, moving to the next level is the big difference. I truly believe our Bucks will show up and kick ass.

Comment 10 Dec 2019

I got the vibe from this article that Kenny is very involved with relationship building with the recruits. He might not be out on the trail like Coach J, but I'm assuming that he has plenty of contact with all the young men being recruited. I have seen his name mentioned in lots of articles about defense recruits over the past year or so when the recruits talk about relationships they have with tOSU staff. I think that when he is more than just a grad assistant, he'll do fine on the trail. His passion and fire will draw these young men to him.