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Comment 12 Oct 2019
Haskins had to pass more because our running game sucked. Haskins having more passing attempts shouldn't be a knock on Fields. We're more balanced this year.
Comment 16 Sep 2019
What does Pete Werner being white have to do with anything. I keep hearing people say him playing well this year proves he played well this year. No it doesn't. He improved this year. I'm glad because last year he looked lost, took bad angles and generally got his ass handed to him regularly in coverage.
Comment 19 Apr 2019
By your logic the only reason Baldwin and Martell are not at OSU is because they couldn't win the starting job. At an elite program they are going to recruit over you EVERY year. There is always gonna be some hotshot freshman coming in. Should the upper-class receivers leave because the media is saying Wilson is special? Should Ryan Day not have recruited him for fear of hurting someone's feelings? At least one QB a year is coming thru that door. He essentially recruited the best one available. Get over it
Comment 05 Jan 2019
He absolutely asked Archie if he could wear it. Archie said yes, but a lot of the fans took exception to him asking. Kat wore it anyway, but it hasn't been worn again since.
Comment 04 Jan 2019
The starter who almost won it all for them as a freshman and also took them to the the brink of the CFP his sophomore year. Like Dwayne Haskins wasnt better than Barrett? Meyer just wouldn't pull the trigger. The difference here is that Tate hasn't done anything at OSU. Fields hasn't spoken one word. Came to OSU in spite of all the chirping from Tate. What he's saying sounds good, but if he was that confident that he'd be the starter he wouldn't feel the need to keep talking about it. May the beat man win, but my money is on the bigger, stronger, faster, quieter version of Tate
Comment 04 Jan 2019
I'm still trying to figure out why no one remembers that Fromm started as a freshman and almost won it all for UGA. Took them to the verge of the CFP his second year. How is he average? Tate has done absolutely zero for OSU on the field. Would Tate act like this if the no. 1 quarterback from high school was coming in? It's essentially the same thing. Would the fan base be cool with it if that was the case? Have we forgotten that we're getting a new passing coordinator? Some things in that playbook are going to change. Has anyone thought about how Baldwin feels about Tate saying he guarantees he'll start next year? I keep hearing how everyone thinks Tate is ballsy for saying everything he has, but what kind of balls does Fields have for transferring to OSU with Tate doing all that talking knowing he has a two year head start on him? Knowing he has to win over the locker room? Fields still went to OSU, unpacked his shit and didn'tsay one word. Now that I think about it I'd be a little scared too if I were Tate.
Comment 29 Dec 2018
Where in that article do you see where Haskins is recruiting Fields? I also don't understand this blind loyalty to Martell. I don't know how many times I heard people on this very site say that UM is too loyal to his upperclassmen. That he should play the best player regardless of class. Now it shouldn't matter who the best player is, just stick with Martell? We have no idea how good he is. I couldn't care less about who's been at OSU the longest. That's college football. They're always gonna recruit over you. I say bring Fields in and let the competition decide who starts next year.