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Comment 21 Feb 2014
Shit I got a higher grade in the micro econ class we had, I guess I didn't have to play big time d-1 ball at the same time though lol
Comment 19 Feb 2014

This article got me thinking about what is causing what. Are the receivers we have on roster really less talented than what we've had in the past or is it the man who's getting them the ball. Love Braxton, I think he's one of the best athletes in college football but i'm not sure he is getting off his first and second read fast enough and finding the open guy. He seems to spotlight the main route and if that doesn't pan out he turns to improvisation.

Comment 06 Feb 2014

Raekwon sounds like a senior during that youtube interview. Sounds like he has a great head on his shoulders to match that grown ass man frame. Kid has all the goods to be a monster in the c-bus! Everything i hear around campus about his work ethic is positive too, kid is always in the gym. Go bucks