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Comment 20 Mar 2019

Hit the nail right on the head there Blackmagic. I would of loved to be one of those underpaid as well. Education, healthcare, food, place to stay while getting that great education. Not to mention the ipads, shoes and anything else that gets donated to them while there. Oh let us not forget the ability to showcase their talents for possible future playing time at a pro level.  Underpaid indeed. Wake up people, they are paid quite well indeed.

Comment 20 Mar 2019

Well its really simple. It doesn't matter if he transferred for the N word thing or not. The NCAA ruled in his favor, to do so they must of thought it was unsafe for him at Georgia, and for you or anyone else to say it wasn't really doesn't matter. In Tate's case, well, we will leave that alone. I wish the kid luck but that is all he gets from me, good riddance to him for many reasons and none of them good. But in the end, it doesn't matter what I think of that either, the NCAA granted him the ticket so to everyone, just let it be. And if we happen to play against him in the future, then let the better team win.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

Lol, Ironically, I said basically the same thing about our defense as the author of this article did, but I got a few downvotes lol. Looking forward to seeing what the new coaches can do with this talented defense we have, and as I said before, it cant get any worse. So iuts looking up already.

Comment 11 Feb 2019

Thank you for saying it isn't always about the money. The youngsters of today aren't yet old enough to understand that for the most part. they only get a few years to play at tOSU or in school in general. Once you go pro it becomes a job, its all business, it is no longer just a game and  only a few actually make it. Even so there is a chance of being cut. It is good they have ex players like Carter they can talk to and help them understand the advantage of staying or going.

Comment 11 Feb 2019

If that is how you take it then well that is your choice. I never said anything about Combs. All I said was this years defense was bad, so bad it was the worst OSU defense in history. How you got Combs out of that I don't know. Maybe it was the part about not looking back, dono. As I stated to that is I never understood the don't look back for the ball thing. Doing so does draw interference calls, we seen it all year and even seen it in the past. Maybe not as much in the past but it still happened. Look at how many of those calls could of been avoided and maybe even had intercepted some, if they would just look back for the ball. So again do not know how you brought Combs into it, unless you are purposely trying to start something, in witch case, I am not biting nor playing that childish game.

Comment 10 Feb 2019

Well you are certainly intitled to your opinion, but honestly I feel that 90% of what he did wrong was the bad coaching he received. Never understood the don't look back thing. And with them saying they will look back for the ball this year, I think the sky in the limit for this young man. He had a lot of PI calls on him last year that prolly wouldn't of been called if he was just looking back, and that isn't even mentioning the possible interceptions that could of happened if he or they, I should say, would of just looked back for the ball. Coarse we haven't seen this new coaching staff in action all together yet, I am optimistic for our defense this year. And in all honestly, it couldn't get much worse than we seen last year. Can it?..... I hope not anyway.

Comment 24 Jan 2019

Let us not forget it was Schiano's scheme along with the overall bad coaching of the LBs, CBs, and the Ss. Thus is was the bad coaching that was the problem. Let us not forget what to me and others sounded as if he was throwing the players under the bus at times instead of manning up himself. That is shared by all of them. Sure we beat Mich. soundly, but that was the powerful offense we had. defense still gave up what? 400 yards or so and 39 points. That isn't a sound defense. And look at the points in the second half of the Rose Bowl. Not sound defense there either. He may of been a great guy, but masterful DC, I don't think so. Let us not forget the Purdue and Maryland game. No he wasn't that great. I look forward to the new defensive coaches and see what they can do. After last season, it can only get better.

Comment 14 Jan 2019

Yeah I remember that one to, but why is it other teams that run the RPO doesn't seem to have the issues we had this year? With lesser talent I might add. Someone pls answer that one for me. We have another good QB in the mix, or so we have ben told, that RPO needs to be in the playbooks I think.