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Comment 17 Mar 2017

I do not know what Zeke did or didn't do. Zeke is a Buckeye always will be and for that I will always cheer for him. That being said though, These guys need to grow up. You have all these kids idolizing these guys, wanting to be them and such. How would you like your kid to go and do something like pulling woman's shirt down (just a example people). They are still young men but the word here is men. It is time t hey started acting like one. No one is saying they  shouldn't have fun and enjoy themselves, but at the same time they know and are aware that they are being worshipped in some cases and watched by others. The things some of these guys do just make me shack my head. Chris is right, it is time for all of them to grow up and start acting like a role model, cause that is what they are, like it or not.

Comment 27 Jan 2017

Ok I have a problem with this, he was the OC and QB coach, less I am wrong, Zeek ran the ball, and miller, though he was amazing running the ball, was less than par or average even in passing. How can Herman take credit for that? Am I missing something here? I know he was the OC for some of there time at OSU, but responsible for their getting to the NFL? What is he trying to pull?

Comment 11 Jan 2017

I never played QB before, but I have defensive tackle, offensive tackle, center, some tight end and even some fullback in my years of football. All of that means nothing, but this, coaching. If a coach isn't coaching you to play those positions then it stands to  reason you are not going to be very good. In JT's case I believe it was coaching being the reason for JT's regression, and not JT himself. I find it hard to believe that anyone cheered more than me to see Beck gone. Some articles make it sound like Beck left on his own, hogwash to that. Meyer forced him out. If most of us could see Beck sucked I am sure Meyer could also. You want to talk about getting hit, try playing WR or TE in a cross route over the middle. Having to go up high unprotected knowing all the while you are going to get nailed hard. Ok that was going off subject a little but still making it a point that QB aren't the ones getting the worst of the hits on the field. No JT's problem wasn't his abilities it was the result of piss poor coaching in his position coach. JT is a hell of a leader now imagine how good of player he can be with the proper coaching from his position coach. His timing, accuracy the way he reads the defenses even how long he holds on the ball, that will all change with proper coaching. Wilson has done some amazing things with QBs in his past with lesser talent. I can not wait to see the new JT this fall. I imagine we all will be happy.

Comment 04 Jan 2017

He said that if you never did t hat you never played football or you sucked at it. This guy is a idiot, he should get the book thrown at him. I played football and though we did  joke around in t he locker room we never did anything like that. That guy doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. That guy should be arrested and charged with sexual assult plain and simple. And if their coach does nothing about it then their is something wrong with him as well.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

Yeah but he wouldn't be running the show and you can not argue that he is a great offensive play caller. just look at his past running offensives. What we have now is predictable and boring at best. Changes need to be done. Not as exciting to watch our offense the last couple of years. No ummmmp  in it anymore, that needs to change. Everytime we play a team with a heartbeat on defense it gets bad. predictable, boring..... And we do need coaches that will develop all this talent. Beck is useless just like Withers was before on defense. just look at Becks past at developing QBs. Yeah he can recruit, but what good is it if he cant coach them up. Meyer can find someone to replace him that can recruit just the same but not only that, can coach up the QBs and make them look like a QB. Warriner needs to be put back in charge of the offensive line, that he excelled at. Zack Smith, well he may be full of energy but that doesn't turn our talented receivers into great receivers. We can do better, Meyer can do better. We deserver better, tOSU deservers better, the players deserver better, Meyer deservers better. This was so sad it almost made me cry to watch it. Changes need to be made.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

Meyer needs to demote Warriner back to OL Coach, he was great at that. then Meyer needs to get rid of BECK, the present Ol coach and just maybe the receivers coach also. This has gone on too long. defense played their hearts out only to be rewarded with this crappy, predictable offense. Such talent wasted. When will Meyer wake up and see?

Comment 31 Dec 2016

And when he throws, he over does it, under does or just plain doesn't do it. No, JT was awesome in 2014, last two years he sucks. Last I heard, throwing the ball was a part of being a quarterback. Sometimes the truth isn't what you want to hear. Look JT may be a great leader and a great kid, but being a QB not so much. Maybe it isn't JT's fault maybe it because our mighty qb position coach just plain sucks at teaching him, I do not know anymore, but what I do know is its time for a change. It isn't fair to our defense  who play their hearts out to be rewarded with such crappy offensive performance.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

 To me I have all the faith in our defense, they will play great. the offense on the other hand, not going to lie, I am a little concerned with. Our play calling has been suspect at times this year, to predictable at times. Hoping it isn't tonight. Also hope the blocking is good along with JT's passing. He hasn't been the most accurate this year for w/e reason. Going to be a good game, lol, I have my foam brick ready to toss at the TV.