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Comment 02 Jan 2018

I have to agree with you. Our offense just wasn't able to move the ball on a regular basis. Running wouldn't work as well if the passing  game wasn't there and it really wasn't this year. Those 3 and 1s and 4 and 1s wow,  Everyone and I mean EVERYONE knew what play was going to be called, and yet that same stinking play was called over and over. I am no coach and haven't played collage or even back yard football in a while, but when a team can tell what play is going to happen on what down just wont cut it. But there have it, that is what happened and we all have seen the result....punt punt punt......Sure our defense played well against USC but they still put up all those yards on them. If USC would of had better luck in the red zone, I do not think we would of won that simply because out offense was so blah. So onward,  lets all hope this new season will light both sides up consistently, have a reliable passing game. Without it I do not know what will happen.

Comment 30 Dec 2017

To be fair, I don't think it was JT fault he ran those 3 and 2's and 4 and 2's and so on. That was play calling and it sucked. everyone knew including babies that have yet to be born, knew what play was coming on those downs. though the TBs were not busting any long runs , what I seen was them getting 3 and 4 yards a carry most of the time. Those carries that were not called, could of been 1st downs. Thus showing the head scratching on the quarterback keepers. The true reason why Meyer loves those calls are to be determined vuts hears to a hopefully more exciting game plan next year. though I do love JT and all he has meant to this team, I am excited to see with a changing of the guard, how the plays will be called next year. The fear of no passing attack did hurt the running game, hopefully next year that changes.

Comment 30 Dec 2017

I would have to agree with you. It was a bitch move. Let the team down by sitting out. I never agreed with players sitting out of there bowl games just because they are worried about the NFL. Just hate to see it. Just sends a bad message.

Comment 30 Dec 2017

You can say what you want, but I do not think many coaches can do what he has done and certainly he is better at it than you and me and anyone else here. Yeah there were to many QB runs and I think that will change next year. Easy to sit on a couch in your front room/game room or w/e judge or think we have all the answers,  but truth be told he is a hell of a coach, his record states that and no one can deny it. I for one am glade Meyer is our coach, he doesn't like to lose and he instills that in our players.

Comment 27 Dec 2017

But (Barrett’s) ability to mix up in the run game is very important because he’s not going to take off for 60, I’ve seen him run, but he’s going to take 10 yards, 12 yards, 10 yards, eight yards.

Keep on thinking he can't run fast, that works for me. I have seen him out run defensive backs many times. He is plenty fast, I know he isn't the fastest guy on the team but they should not under estimate him. And if he has a good day with passing on top of t hat, I do not think there is anything they can do to stop him. Now add the rest of the team in there, look out....I just hope they play like that 4 th quarter in the PSU game and everyone plays well......Go Bucks.....

Comment 15 Dec 2017

" I'm going to think of the magic of Craig Krenzel and Cardale Jones "

    I can see your point to most of your comment, I can not give credit to Cardale for the Champ. Game in 2014. He did not throw all that accurate either. Sure he hit some nice ones, but then again so did JT. But if it wasn't for Devin Smith, most of those throws would of been incomplete also, or worse. Devin made Cardale look like a pro. Sure he had a big arm and could throw it but as for accuracy, na, JT is better. If Cardale was that great he would be starting for a NFL team. Am I dissing Cardale?, no, I am not, just pointing out he is no more accurate than JT was/is. For all JT's faults you can not deny with all he has accomplished, all the records and wins, That JT is truly a OSU great. The Team shit the bed as a whole in the Iowa game, coaches down to the kicker, it was not all on JT. I truly believe that coming off that PSU game with all that emotion and MSU being right in the future, they simply looked past Iowa and it showed. MSU is the team that since Meyer came to OSU to be head coach, that has given us the most trouble. Iowa simply was in the middle and they looked past it. so yeah, that loss is on the whole team.

Comment 05 Dec 2017

I don't think there will be a let down on this game, I think they are pissed with how it played out in general. Yeah that loss to Iowa was a deathblow that should not of happened, but it did. But for me, I am more pissed with how the CFC went about it. Saying just a few days before that there was a razor thin  difference from Bama and the Bucks, then to come out and win the Conference Title Game and beat a 4 ranked team in the process and then place Bama ahead of us when they sat at home with a lesser SOS and one less game. That isn't even mentioning the fact of we play 9 conference games to their 8 and no FCS, and more to the point, playing the said schools at the end of their schedule is just wrong.

Comment 03 Dec 2017

What I see is          1.....they still favor SEC over all  witch is complete Bias BS

                              2   scheduling doesn't matter, so we should go back to playing 8 conference games and 3 fcs and 1 power 5 teams from now on like the SEC does, since that is clearly not a factor in their decision making.

I know we got our buts spanked by Iowa, but damned, least it wasn't Mercer we played at the end of the year.