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Comment 23 Jul 2014

I'd just like to point out that 85/44BC Brutus did not bring an end to the Roman Empire.  In fact, his actions are what created it (and ended the Republic).  

On a side note, is that cheerleader in the '79 picture wearing a pointed bra, or is she just happy to see him?  Eitherway, it looks like Brutus is happy to see her...

Comment 18 Mar 2014

No doubt, Kettering is arguably even more important than Edison.  The write up didn't do him justice, as it wasn't only automobiles and guided missiles (although nearly everything your pre-computer car used was thanks to Kett).  First machines to detect cancer (not to mention Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute), machines to detect VD, newborn incubators, diesel locomotive engine, solar energy (okay he didn't perfect it but was one of the first to believe it was possible).  The list goes on, not to mention he was a huge philanthropist giving millions to universities, hospitals, and the like.  Kettering advanced mankind, Wexner advanced materialism.  Only reason Kettering isn't mentioned in the same breath as Edison is because, unlike Edison, Kettering despised the idea of plastering his name on everything.  

I think Wexner is getting too much popularity because the 11W staff mentioned his affiliation with the university.  Kett was on the Board of Trustees from 1917 to 1958 (on again, off again, but for a longer duration than Wexner).  Not to mention, he was besties with the Wright Brothers and was the first trustee to arrive at the university via airplane.  Oh, and not to mention he gave the largest single donation in the history of the university (at that time at least) to tOSU in the form of Serpent Mound.  So yeah, you can thank him for saving that too.