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Comment 29 Mar 2013

Best part for me was Q's big old smile. You can tell he was really enjoying himself, as he should be.

Comment 25 Jun 2012

I thought PSU's would've been a team pic with them all only having towels on : /

Comment 23 Mar 2012

D. Thomas is a MAN for real!

Comment 10 Feb 2012

It wouldn't be a big loss if the Bucks didn't land Diggs. I would rather have the scholly to use in the very talented 2013 class. But if we do get Diggs, ok, hope he does well. If we don't, Meh.

Comment 07 Feb 2012

You don't go by what he has done off the field, but on the field. He is barely above .500 W/L in his career. Wins and losses are what matter in the end. He barely beat a less than mediocre buckeyes team last year in AA. Now he will be playing against a OSU team that does not have all of those outside distraction and a new coach that won't be afraid to drop 50 on them. Just sayin.

Comment 04 Feb 2012

See Diggs you can come watch basketball games after our 4-8 session in football! What a great time!