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Comment 21 minutes ago

Some All of the values from the WHAC made their way to Austin...

That picture is actually what was on the wall from Charlie Strong. Those were his 'core' values. Herman is continuing those now, since those are, you know, like good things to live by.

Comment 38 minutes ago

The problem in Austin has been the culture, and maybe Tom Herman can change it, maybe he can't.

That's usually the go-to line from a lot of detractors. Yes, there are some abnormally involved/vocal boosters here in Austin that tend to make some headlines, but overall it's not a culture/atmosphere that prohibits success. Just that it may make it harder for the coach that isn't prepared.

Which brings us to Herman. He is prepared, and he has already taken full control and won't let up. It's night and day what it was with Charlie around here. It sucks, because a lot of people really loved Charlie and he is a genuinely good dude. Just wasn't prepared for what he was walking into.

Comment 23 hours ago

Like BG said, no way Herman goes 2-10 anywhere. Yes, the situations were different. But Rutgers went 4-8 the year before he arrived before he went 2-10. And not to mention they were outscored 224-0 by 4 teams (one being a 3-9 team) last year.

Herman went 6-0 against ranked teams, and 3-0 against top 10 teams in his 2 years. 

To be clear/fair, I don't think we should be comparing the two because of the different situations. D-day brought up the two in comparison. But I don't think it's even close what they have done (both at OSU and since they left combined). 

Comment 23 hours ago

Not sure if you are referring specifically to Ohio State fans or national college football fans/writers about infatuation levels. From an OSU fan perspective, yes Ash improved the defense enough to make it a championship level in 2014. Herman had an impact on the offense as well, but have you seen the offense/play-calling since he left? On the flip side, one could argue our defense actually improved in 2016 over the 2014/2015 levels under Ash.

Nationally, it's clearly about what they did in their first audition as a head coach. 13-1 versus 2-10. 

Comment 24 hours ago

I don't think they give them a choice, but I could be wrong. 

Comment 21 Aug 2017

1) OSU (13-0)

2) FSU (12-1)

3) Bama (12-1)

4) Texas (12-1)

We beat Texas in the Rose Bowl and Bama beats FSU in the Sugar Bowl (after FSU beats them in the opener). We get the title game everyone wants to see and it smashes ratings records.

Comment 21 Aug 2017

If OSU is #1 seed and a Pac12 team is the #4 seed, they play in the Sugar Bowl. One of their (committee) criteria is to either give an advantage to the higher seed, or not give them a disadvantage due to location. So they wouldn't make OSU travel to LA to play USC.

Comment 17 Aug 2017
FloSports is the company, actually. Based here in Austin. There main thing is fringe sports (those not covered by ESPN and the likes), so college football related news is not their thing. Started primarily with wrestling and track, and now includes like 20+ sports. I didn't even know they had a football station/outlet, since football is about as far from fringe as it gets in American sports
Comment 17 Aug 2017

J.T. Barrett made a post over on yahoo.com — really, J.T., no love for 11W?

He's seen some of the commentary on here, not to name a few detractors.. Good read, though.

Comment 04 Aug 2017

If we are looking at 2014 as a comparison (we all want that offense, not the one of the last two years), he had 2834 yards passing in less than 12 games. He was averaging around 240 yards passing per game. I think that would be a good target, and would give him 2880 through just the regular season. Counting a conference championship and/or bowl/playoff games, he should clear 3000 easily, provided he stays healthy the whole season and we see the progress we are all anticipating/expecting. Over on that. (same thoughts for passing TDs - he had 34 that year in under 12 games).

Rushing yards, though.. He had over 900 back in 2014, but I'm not sold he will run as much. Especially in games that aren't close. I see at least 5 games that probably won't be close, and it's a safe bet that one or two of the others that maybe should be closer, won't actually be close. That being said, I'd have to take the under if forced to, although 900 is possible.

I think we would want to see 3,500-4,000 yards of offense total from JT if we are going to see a significant improvement from the offense. He had 3,400 last year, and 3,772 in 2014. May not seem like much of a difference over the course of a season, but he also had 13 full games last year and less than 12 in 2014. So he averaged over 320 yards/game of offense in 2014, compared to 260 yards/game last year. *If* they play in 15 games, that pace (2014) would put him closer to 5,000 yards of offense. Time will tell. 

Comment 26 Jul 2017

Looking like I'll be in Vegas for the OU game weekend. I'm going with brother in-laws, who aren't Buckeyes, and we are staying on the strip. Looks like PT Golds and Sporting Life are off strip, and Blondies is on strip. Those seem to be three spots where you can guarantee to find a large gathering of Buckeyes watching? Any other spots on the strip?

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I cannot think of a debilitating loss in Ohio State history that bothered me less than the Clemson game.

I made that comment after the game and felt like I might have been in the minority. Based on Ramzy saying it, and a few others in the comments, I feel better that I didn't feel that bad about that loss. They were ahead of schedule and knowing that it went down the way it did, it guaranteed the staff shakeup we all knew needed to happen. If Wilson/Day do what I think they might, we should all look back fondly on the the Clemson beat down. 

Lastly.. I can't shake the thought that this year's team is going to be historically great, win a championship, and then Urban will retire while on top. I hope I'm wrong, and he'll at least stick it out through the ND home-and-home series (2022/2023). I just don't think he has 7 more seasons at this level in him, and he'd rather go out on top and on his terms. 

Comment 14 Jul 2017

“My concern is about the exploitation of all former players across this nation who do not have the platform to stand up for themselves while universities and corporations benefit financially by selling their name and likenesses without their individual consent.

“My hope is that this litigation will level the playing field for those affected players, and that they too can benefit from the dollars flowing into collegiate athletics.”

My guess, is now in financial aid agreements (athletic scholarships) going forward, they will just add a clause that says the individual receiving scholarship money consents to their name and likenesses being used. How this affects past athletes? Not sure. I guess that's what the lawsuit will determine.

It is interesting, as he says he is concerned about the players who don't have a platform. Most of the players whose likenesses are used for gain by the university are those who are the most successful on the field, and have gone on to have success in the NFL (and thus, have gained financially themselves). 

Comment 11 Jul 2017

I'm not sure Louisville or OkSt will have anything that could stop us. Lamar Jackson faded late last year as the season went on and more tape of him was available. Our DEs can contain him, and LBs run him down if he gets in the open. OkSt just doesn't have the horses, IMO.

I'd add Auburn, as I think with a competent QB, they might improve to a 10 or 11 win team. They have a tough schedule, so I wouldn't predict it, but if they can beat Clemson early and get on a roll, they have Bama at home this year. They've recruited as well as anyone not named Bama, FSU, LSU, or OSU.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

Michigan plays road games at Penn State and Wisconsin those same weeks, tough matchups for a young team.

I had no idea, so I went to gander at their schedule. It's at Maryland and at Wisconsin the weeks before. Still, back-to-back road games, and the Wisconsin one should be tough the week before.

Comment 12 Jun 2017

Judging by this timeline, if they were meeting Thursday morning when he agreed to be the coach, the Creighton coach didn't 'turn down' the job until around lunch time on Thursday. He probably found out that he no longer had a 'verbal' offer and 'decided' to stay at Creighton

Good to know they had their man from the beginning and didn't let him turn it down.

Comment 02 Jun 2017

All that stuff? Sundays. Saturdays are for college football. The whole day.

Ramzy said it best with his Fall Weddings: Zero Tolerance article, and I feel like that should apply to Apple Picking and Pumpkin Patching as well, Johnny (or any other fall activity). Save that for another day of the week, if you must. You are only guaranteed 12 games every year, no matter how awkward they are.

Comment 16 May 2017

Yea, they don't give you any booze until you are done with the swimming and snorkeling.. Basically they pick you up at the resort, take you to the boat, drive to the spot where the sharks and stingrays are, give you a snorkel and goggles, and let you swim for as long as you like (I think up to like 45 min or so). Get back on the boat, and then the snacks and booze start flowing. Take you to a "natural" swimming pool area (basically a shallow bay that is waist deep) and start the music and dancing. Was pretty fun, actually.

Comment 16 May 2017

If you're leaning towards the All-inclusive stuff, and perhaps looking at the Caribbean for destination, I highly recommend the Iberostar Grand Collection (one in Dominican Republic - where I went, one in Jamaica, and one in Mexico - Riviera Maya). We did it for our one-year anniversary 3 years ago, and had a blast. The Grand Collection is their "high end" all-inclusives that are adults only. Food was actually pretty good, especially the a-la-carte restaurants. Better than most all-inclusive beer/wine/liquor selection. Personal butler the whole time. Golf included in price (as well as food and drinks on golf course), if that's your thing (we did). We also did a couple of excursions too, while we were there (zip lining and booze cruise to swim/snorkel with sharks and stingrays), and would highly recommend those too.

Pro-tip: if you are a Costco member, book through Costco Travel. Amazing deals on a lot of the Caribbean all-inclusives, and you can book flights too as part of the total package. They also have a lot of other destinations that several have suggested already (Cook Islands, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Fiji, Hawaii, Costa Rica).

Comment 18 Apr 2017

Ohio State's 2014 season was evidence there can never be too many quality quarterbacks on a single roster. After Braxton Miller got injured during fall camp and was out for the season, Barrett stepped in and led Ohio State to a Big Ten championship game appearance. Cardale Jones took the reins from there and delivered the Buckeyes a national title.

I think that's the key takeaway from the spring. Having 3 good and capable QBs is a good problem to have, since you never know.. By the end of the season we might need all three to step up at some point.