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Comment 02 Dec 2014

I haven't read all the comments. (Too many). But I was listening to a lot of blather from a Wisky fan @ my gym tonight. He FEARS the Bucks even more than he did with JT. (Apparently he never saw JT play). Point being: Cardale is 6'5" and 250. As Mr. Fulton's clips show, Cardale Jones can throw and is not afraid to bring the wood (see slobberknocker punishment v Illinois). For Coach Meyer's offense he is a very good fit. As others have commented, let him throw the ball early but safely and then turn the Monster loose on Wisco: E. Elliot, C. Jones, J. Marshall. The defense will play their finest game. Confident of that. Terrible pucker factor when one thinks about M. Gordon's potential to go from 0 to 60 in no time flat but there's always a fly in the ointment. Swat fly.

Comment 21 Feb 2014

No. You're at the game. You're an old lady. You are backing up a skeevy old man telling an athlete to go back to Africa and calling him a reprehensible racial epithet? Brace for the bitch slap. Reconsider my remark, nay, Dude Guy. Thanks much, Homes.

Comment 21 Feb 2014

I'm almost glad that Bert and DirkSatan have championed this ass-munch "rule change". Here is a much needed opportunity for the un-enlightened to see what a cynical and self-serving bag of turds Bert really is. And it's a lucky thing, too. Had this not come to pass then Bert would have been allowed to pass from Div 1 to Div 3 (where he belongs, though, really, high school would be more appropriate) without people really getting a true sense of his Ass-Clowness. As others have pointed out, here is a man who sends his marquee RB balls to the wall into the LOS against 8 and 9 in the box 30+ times a game posturing about "player safety". Come on. The best thing for these players would be to make the field wider or institute a weight ceiling. No one with an IQ over 50 believes this "rule change" serves player safety. In fact the opposite is true. By allowing the defense 10 extra seconds to lug  a blown out 350+ defensive player off the field, rather than make him face three whole downs in a row, you are perpetuating the biggest long term safety issue in football today: that is that human beings are not meant to weigh over 300 pounds and go anaerobic over and  over again while slamming into other human beings. It's not good for them. Anyone who believes (rich) cynics like TuscaLucifer and Brot Bielema are proposing this "rule change" in the interest of "player safety" is a moron. They're proposing it because they are more comfortable with the (boring) pro-style offense and a defense that is designed to stop that kind of offense. 

Also I take exception to a previous post that describes Nick Saban as "successful". Alabama did NOT win the SEC championship this year. They did not win their bowl game. They were not particularly successful



Comment 17 Feb 2014

It is indeed "Bert", Crumb. But also it's his "douchebaggery" that we thought might have gone South with him.

First, why is Bert the co chairman of the American Football Coaches Association? Someone screwed up here. American Douchebag Association, yes. But AFCA? And, come on, is there a man alive outside of Tuscaloosa who isn't sick to the point of vomiting of Nick Saban? The man is shameless. "Oh, I lost two games because I couldn't sub in my oversigned five star Frankenstein monster D linemen who are so huge that they are gassed if they have to play more than three downs IN A ROW! I need more time, damn it. I know what I'll do, I'll wake Bert up and tell him I'll like him if he helps me slow the game way down. I don't care if it's boring as hell to watch a snap and a giant pig pile form and unwind 40 times a game for a 2.5 yard gain. As long as I win EVERY SINGLE GAME and make 2 million more every year. And, well, sure, it's totally safe to have absolutely gigantic SEC D linemen roll off teeny weeny 240 lb RBs after every snap. Nobody ever gets hurt in these pile ups. But, jeez, if you make the players get a little lighter so they can keep up with an up tempo offense? What will happen then? How will I play my 3:4 without a Godzilla nose tackle? You're not going to ask these guys to be in aerobic shape are you? You're not going to ask me to come up with better defensive schemes are you? For christ's sake I just hired Lane Kiffin! I have my hands FULL. This is Alabama. Everyone wants to watch us. ESPN said so. Of course they don't come to the stadium but, hey, they have ESPN. No one wants to watch Baylor or Oklahoma or Auburn or Oregon or Ohio State. They play way too fast."

Hating. Hating. Hating.


Comment 09 Feb 2014

Classy. Fat, white and stupid is no way to go through life, Mr. Orr. To paraphrase Dean Wormer.

Good for Smart. He showed admirable restraint by not bitch slapping the two nasty old ladies that were baiting him along with Mr. Number One Fan. I know it's not politically correct but every time I see a player go into the stands and open a can of whoop ass on a fan who's been raining down insults on him (n-word or no) I just feel GREAT. I love to see the look on the "fans" face when they realize they just might be about to get their ass seriously kicked. 

Comment 31 Jan 2014

A TOSU coaching alum vs a died-in-the-wool Meechy Man? I know who I'll be cheering for on Sunday. Go Seahawks. 

Comment 31 May 2013

I'm Catholic. And, yeah, I'm offended. I'm also proud of my OSU degree and my Bucks.

Can we be honest? GG is a klutz. He's a Mormon klutz. That's a religion started by some swindler out West, right? He's  making "jokes" about Catholic priests? Come on.

He wears bow ties. Guys with little plucked chicken physiques should not wear bow ties.

He pukes up bulletin board material for our rivals.

He's oddly child like for a university president.

He's an embarrassment.

He has a way of making bad situations worse (Tatgate, Tressledamerung) and situations that were okay suddenly bad.

Every time I see a picture of this boob with a bunch of undergrads I get the feeling that what he really wants to be doing is attending OSU, not representing it as the president.

Prediction: the remediation (another humiliation that most presidents would resign over, if they had a pair) won't work. And this dweeb will step in shit again and again until the University has to frog march his ass across the Oval and into a squad car. But by then I'll be taking ten tons more sht from my friends because of this scrawny dufus machine we have running around in owl framed specs and tweed and bow ties.

I want to vomit.

Goodbye, Gordon.