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Comment 24 Nov 2018

I would love to see this team in the playoff. Looks like an all-around improvement. If they show out next week they're in.

Comment 18 Nov 2018

I really don't care I wanna beat the rival but do not want to see this team in the playoff. Let OU play Bama. Give me a nice Pac 12 bowl game win and I'll be happy this year.

Comment 03 Nov 2018

I'm worried about Michigan State, Maryland and all remaining opponents on the schedule. We are in big trouble, nothing was fixed during the bye week. Changes need to be made this offseason.

Comment 27 Oct 2018

If we don't make major improvements on the defense and in the running game (use play action not read option could help) I personally don't want to see this team in the playoffs. 

Comment 25 Oct 2018

I swear if Nebraska breaks one 60 yard play on us I'm not watching football again until changes are made. We recruit at too high a level to look this bad. Then coaches come out and say everything's fine. If he just owned it I'd be okay but to say everything's fine is unacceptable.