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Lifelong buckeye fan. That is my actual tattoo in the avatar pic.
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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ezekiel Elliot, 85 yards. 2014 and 2002 National Titles. And finally, John Brooks' Goal vs Ghana 2014 Brazil.
  • SOCCER TEAM: US National Team, and SAVE THE CREW

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Comment 20 hours ago

I flip through other games before or after the Buckeye game. Or if I happen to be out somewhere that has a game on.

I don't usually sit there and watch a non-buckeye game in it's entirety though. sometimes if a game is good I'll catch the end of it.

Comment 18 Jul 2019
In Paris, I recommend getting familiar with taking the metro if you need to get from one part of the city to another. It's cheap and very efficient. If you need to get somewhere after the metro closes (around midnight to 5am), they do have uber just like here in the US. I recommend getting a hotel room with a fridge. A lot of their grocery and convenience stores don't have lots of cold drinks ready to go like they do here in the US. So if you walk into a store wanting to buy a coke for example, they have it, but sitting on the shelf at room temperature. If you're a member of a bank or credit union, go there and see if they can do foreign exchange. It will be much cheaper than at the airport.
Comment 06 May 2019

Not necessarily a game rule, but.....

No more commericals during the game. The one exception I'll make is if a team calls timeout, then you have 90 seconds of delay where nothing is happening on the field anyhow. Save all commercials for halftime, like soccer. This way you can quit having games drag on for four hours. 

Comment 29 Apr 2019
A few of you mentioned Ohio State playing Dayton YMCA. That is fair. But I think it's worth pointing out Ohio State played them in 1892, just their third season of existence. Michigan played the above game in their 13th season of existence (having first fielded a team in 1879).
Comment 28 Feb 2019

1994 Victory over Michigan. I was 11. 

I know I watched games before that but that is the first I actually remember watching.

Comment 28 Feb 2019

Another thing about youtube that you may not have been aware of:

The short story: Comments in youtube videos featuring minors were being used by pedophiles as a way to spread obscene material. Creating a sort of soft-core child pornography ring. When this came to light many advertisers halted their ads on youtube, starting a new "adpocalypse". So just today (2-28-19) youtube announces it is turning off comments on videos featuring children.

Comment 28 Feb 2019

If it's a hoax, then CBSNews sure dropped the ball with this article.

Comment 18 Feb 2019

Dating in your 30s is a shitshow.

It's even worse when you're childfree (don't have kids, and don't want kids).

Oh well... it'll make it all the more worth it when I finally do meet the one. And I have plenty of time because I'm not feeling all the pressure to hurry up and have kids.