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Comment 04 Jul 2020
Ranked, in order of which QB I would pick to win 1 game? Fields, JT, Haskins, Miller, Pryor. Literally no bad choices, but that's my order. JT was George Washington on a football field, and only Fields has the otherworldly talent to overcome JT's inherent super sayan god super sayan leadership. Now, ask the real question. Those 5, who was best based on OSU Career: JT, Pryor, Miller, Haskins with Fields being an incomplete data set. Fields is the only QB over JT on that list that is want to start a program with, and it's close.
Comment 24 Mar 2020
Let me help you out here and fix your article. Chase Young: Literally any team. Jeff Okudah: Literally anywhere J.K. Dobbins: Cleveland. Because they already have 2 too 5 backs and J.K. would still change that team. All 3 of these guys are going to positively impact any team lucky enough to draft them. They are scheme and fortune altering picks for 32 of 32 teams.
Comment 12 Feb 2020

Punishing an accuser sounds good in an ideal world, but you CANNOT do it in practice. The very last thing you want to do is put in place barriers for victims to report crimes, and the possibility of punishment if the court can’t reach guilty for your rapist is a barrier. You risk a rapist walking free and raping another victim because the first victim was afraid of punishment.  

Comment 12 Feb 2020

If they are found guilty, I suggest we take our anger and our disgust and do something positive with it. Maybe take donations on the site to donate to a charity for victims. Maybe try to pay the families court costs and attorney fees or something.

It just feels wrong to be on the site about the football team reading this article and not doing something about it. Maybe it’s not the place. Maybe 11W doesn’t feel like it should get involved. But I think as a community of Ohio State fans who are also empathetic people, we can make a small amount of good to begin combatting what looks like a large amount of evil. 

My thoughts are with her and her family, though for the sake of everyone involved I hope there is some chance this isn’t true. 

Comment 19 Dec 2019

I think the comparison works.

Burrow is a technician. He has some mobility, but relies on great throwing and decision making to pick apart gaps in defenses. He doesn’t throw bad passes. He has control over the game from start to finish by being precise and calculating. Call him a sword.

Haskins was a war hammer. He also had some mobility. He made most of his throws. But his real strength was being able to hit a defense hard over the top and crush them. He didn’t excel by picking apart the gaps in defenses. He made dominant, singular plays that changed the game in an instant. 

In that regard Miller is a sword, and Stroud is a hammer. Or so my limited watch and understanding leads me to believe.

Comment 16 Dec 2019

Listen dude, we are happy for you. When I’m your age I hope to be that active with that good of a family life. Hats off.

Retirement age in the US is generally assumed to be 65. In coaching, it seems like you either get out early or stay way longer. It’s not agism to wonder if we would lose a 58 year old millionaire to retirement. It’s not agism to wonder if a guy with more money than I will ever have would rather not travel across the country and talk to 18 year olds for the rest of his natural born life. 

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Here’s why it matters and nobody is talking about it. We know who LSU and Oklahoma are. We know LSU is way better than Oklahoma. We are also way better than Oklahoma. 

We can think what we want about Clemson, but apparently the experts believe they are way better than Oklahoma as well. So we have to trot out there and play 2 really tough games (supposedly) while LSU only really has to play one. 

We probably need to empty the tank and hit those pages way in the back of the playbook to win, and LSU can just do Georgia part 2 and cakewalk into our game. LSU has been handed a solid advantage that we should have been given.