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Comment 24 Nov 2014

Hello Everyone. *y na*e is KillerNut and I a* fairly new here. Fro* what I can tell, this is an a*azing site with *any *indfull and *ajorly active co**unity *e*bers. I a* really excited to be a *ore active *e*ber of the co**unity. I hope that this *essage is not annoying in its disuse of the letter *, as it can be a *ajor hassle (But well worth it, *uck Fichigan).

The current ti*e is 9:38, and *ichigan still sucks

*ay they always


Comment 03 Apr 2013

Have you guys ever done an internship type thing? I'm just coming out of HS this year, so I doubt I'm the guy you want, but for the longest time I considered majoring in English at OSU. Just wondering

Comment 12 Feb 2013


11w doesn't have a Facebook Mafia or a Twitter Scam team to promote itself because it hasn't sold out to a larger conglomerate like ESPiN or SbNation. So, as 11w-ophiles, we should all follow every single writer here on Twitter and retweet anything that links back to the site. Page views instantly go up a bit and we, as the 11wth Man, might help reel in some unfortunate souls who have never seen this glorious site. We could all possibly bump up the registered users count here, as a kind of payback to these amazing writers. I'm doing it. You all should too

Comment 15 Jan 2013

As a student currently making my college choice, campus at OSU is just beautiful. However, for my personal taste and benefits I'm doing my Undergrad work at a small school. 

Comment 30 Nov 2012

He is a Buckeye. Get him an offer he's a Buckeye. Maybe the other two come too but this man is a Buckeye

*Edit* just looked at McMillan's recruiting piece again. We can lock up two of the three tomorrow if we wanted. Il take it

Comment 28 Nov 2012

Depending on how JT felt retirement wise.

No TP=No scandal=Jt retiring after last year=Urban Meyer without 6-7 year.

Nobody considers that side, not being able to prove it aside

Comment 28 Nov 2012

I have a very bad feeling about this.

Go Buckeyes.

9:26 Michigan still sucks.

Losing hope.

Comment 28 Nov 2012

75-69 Duke. Sadly this is the worst statistical game we will get out of Thomas all year. 

Comment 26 Nov 2012

Your a tsun fan. All that post did was make me mad. Thank you lol

Comment 26 Nov 2012

I find it impossible to root for ND. I can even deal with a Bama MNC over the irish