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Comment 29 Mar 2020

Georgia is by far the most likeable SEC team IMHO. They are best positioned to take down bama (who we all love to see lose) and they don’t have a history of beating us in national championships games like Florida and LSU (of course it was easy to cheer for burrow while he was there). 
I also don’t understand the whole “perennial underachiever” perception some on this board hold. Georgia has been in the national title race every year and played in New Years six games as consolation. No different from the Buckeyes really. They’ve got multiple top ten wins, a conference championship, a sugar bowl win, a playoff win and national championship appearance and really only one bad loss during that time (South Carolina). 
During that time Ohio state has more bad losses, same number of playoff appearances, and more conference championships (but we didn’t play an eventual playoff team in our conference title game). I think labeling Michigan an underachiever is fair. Georgia, like Ohio state has achieved but hasn’t broken through to the ultimate goal.

Maybe it’s just me but if it’s not the Buckeyes doing it I’d be happy to watch Georgia knock off Bama and Clemson en route to a title

Comment 19 Mar 2020

Question regarding early enrollees this year: typically the benefit of enrolling early is to participate in spring practice. With it cancelled this year and students sent home, are the early enrollees going to be ahead of the curve compared to guys that arrive in the summer? Do they get any time to interact with and be coached by the staff or is it purely mariotti’s Dojo? Appreciate everyone’s insight here 

Comment 03 Feb 2020

They did their job and busted their asses just the same as everyone else in practice and they're team wone the whole damn thing after their help and preparation

My man is really gonna bag on Kyle Young for a typo and then write this sentence? I kid of course, publishing an article every day would lead to typos for anyone involved, keep up the good work

Comment 02 Dec 2019

I think if the back followed 74 on that play he would have picked up the first down but not much more. If you look, both Borland and Fuller are just mirroring the backs movement and are unblocked, if the back ran to the hole one of those guys would have taken on the blocker and the other would've been there to make the tackle. That clip makes for funny viewing though

Comment 27 Nov 2019

It's an odd phenomenon but even though the best bourbons tend to be made in Kentucky, Kentucky is also one of the hardest places to find the good bourbons on retail shelves. The problem is that too many people in Kentucky know about good bourbons so rare bottles don't last on the shelves if they ever make it there in the first place. More often they are raffled off. 

I enjoy a good bourbon hunt when outside of the Commonwealth and I am pleased to report I recently procured two bottles of the elusive Weller 12 year at a retail price of about ~$35 (not the $350 Ramzy quoted courtesy of the outrageous bourbon secondary market) in a friendly southern state that prefers to drink alternative whiskeys. 

The benefit of being around Kentucky is the bars/restaurants have all the great bourbons but unfortunately the liquor stores do not.