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Comment 24 Jun 2017

Nick Bosa, Jonathon Cooper and Malik Barrow round out the other names that are slated to return to Ohio State in 2018.

Two 5 stars and one 4 star... not a bad returning group. But, LJ needs some depth, and like said above this DL class has the potential to be similar to the talent and depth that the DB class of 17 was. Love coach LJ, can't wait to see what kind of magic he can pull when he starts having 5 star recruits all the way across the line!

Comment 21 Jun 2017

In case you forgot how it felt last year.


I think this year Urban gives them the hammering they rightfully deserve. 

Comment 13 Jun 2017

Sevyn Banks is already a commit at DB

Yep, good eye and too late for me to edit, but you are right, I meant to add Campbell to the DB/S list instead of Banks.

Also, maybe Brown or Moore as a third option at WR. And as Hove noted, Sheffer at TE also. Wow, this class is going to be good, but the numbers are really going to be tight. There is no way they take anything less than 25 in this class. 


Comment 13 Jun 2017

From my count, this class is going to be really tight and I think we will have to hit the 25 max scholarships for this class. With 13 (currently) commits, here is one possible scenario for the rest of the class, not counting LBs:

  • 3-4 OL: Carman, Brown, Jones (DL?)
  • 1-2 DL: Parsons, Smith, other(s)?
  • 2-3 DB/S: Cook, Banks, Surtain, other?
  • 1 TE: Ruckert
  • 2-3 WR: Babb, Blue, other? 

By my count, that is 9-13 (currently we only have room for 12 more) right there that are likely absolute takes if they should commit... and that is not counting 1-2 more LBs. Also, who am I missing?

Comment 09 Jun 2017

Wow, good point Jackson. Imagine having to pick only 13 guys from the list of uncommitted prospects... theres going to be some tough decisions to made in the future for this class. 

Comment 08 Jun 2017

I honestly don't know much about the coaches that are potential hires. If McDermott is the guy, then fine, I just am hoping Gene doesnt 'hire someone just to hire someone' (I can't imagine that would be the case though). I know a lot of people want a home run hire (analogous to the Meyer, Urban Frank, hire), and we should aim to improve upon what Thad produced the last few years, but maybe we need to temper our expectations just a bit.