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Comment 27 Oct 2019

Have been an avid Buckeye fan for over 50 years and have seen many great Buckeye DEs over that time. Far too many to list and have thought carefully about it.  But Young is the best Buckeye DE I’ve seen. He is a complete player in all respects with a freakish physical tool set. The thing that really stands out to me though is his leadership at all times. When the 2nd and 3rd units are in he’s coaching and encouraging from the sideline. He’s always engaged in a direct and meaningful way. That quality is priceless and really motivates this team. 

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Exactly ... Justin faced adversity for the first time yesterday and he responded - with his runs, with the TD drive response to the Wiscy score making it 10-7 in the 3rd, and with his toughness under pressure. It wasn’t his best performance numbers wise but loved it because he showed his grit, determination and decision making to lead when facing adversity. 

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Great game Buckeyes!!! Another outstanding team effort. This teams ascendency is the result of many things - great coaching, hard work, a laser focus on continuous improvement week to week, simplifying the game to let talent play, etc. The closeness of this team and the meshing of the coaching staff with the players also stands out to me. 

I need to add one more critical item though to the 5 already mentioned in the article - the O Line Must Protect Fields Much Better! Fields was sacked 5 times yesterday which is not at all acceptable. It’s a big concern. Justin was banged up. C’mon big guys you’re much better than that! You’re a great unit! Love your physicality and aggressiveness this year! Convene a O line only meeting to address as a unit, prepare as a unit for the next 2 weeks and show everyone for the rest of the season what you are undoubtedly capable of doing in protecting your QB!  

Comment 14 Sep 2019

Congrats Buckeyes! A very good performance overall. Big games by numerous players with Dobbins, Olave, Young and Fields.

A number of back-ups stood out as well like Harrison an Mitchell. The 2nd & 3rd team D stepped up again for the 2nd game in a row.

Borland blew the coverage on the TE on the only TD. Mitchell deserves more playing time at MLB!

Comment 10 Jul 2019

Live in Tucson and have seen Robinson play. Posted about him on the 11W boards when he was a sophomore as it was very clear he was a special RB. He has speed and strength but the things that are really impressive to a number of Buckeye fans here are his vision, his elusiveness, his balance and his ability to break tackles. He has been my top choice for RB for 2020 for the last 2 years. 

Comment 24 Feb 2019

That was a very win-able game! If the Buckeyes would just do the following they would always be in a position to win. If they want to finish strong, do well in the Big 10 tourney and win a couple games in the NCAA they must change their mindset in all of their games and be very disciplined. All of these things are VERY doable:

- cut their turnovers in half (they did that in this game and it kept them in it for most of the game)

- play GREAT defense ... it boils down to effort (they played really good defense for spells in this game but there were far too many breakdowns)

- make sure to work to get the best shot on EVERY position (they fell way short of this in the Maryland game)

- get the ball in the hands of the teams hot shooter (Ahrens was hot and the Buckeyes never gave him another shot down the stretch)

- play much more aggressively around the rim with shots and rebounding. GO UP STRONG! DON’T HESITATE! WHEN YOU HESITATE YOU LOSE!

- make better crisper passes with more cuts to the basket ... passing is critical .... with more cuts to the basket ... use them to set up better shots! 

Comment 10 Feb 2019

First of all Buckeyes congratulations on a gritty win on the road! Never an easy thing to do in this conference. However we have to pass the ball better, make better decisions with the ball (better passes, movement, and shots) and significantly reduce iut turnovers!!! They are really hurting the team!!! You cannot beat good teams playing like that. Coach please have the team run the offense focusing only on passing with no turnovers 15 minutes at a time and taking no shots. We have to improve our passing, making better passing decisions with no turnovers. Young played hard with energy today pounding the boards and blocking shots. We need his effort. Andre played well with big key plays. Need his scoring, rebounds amd defense to continue. Kaleb has to cut down on the fouls! He also needs to go up harder on his shots in the paint. Don’t hesitate big guy. No one csn stop you and if they try it’s a foul on them. Luther continues to improve overall on offense snd defense. Keep it up we need that! Washington’s outside shooting has been a big help. Keep it up you gavr a nice shot. Want to see CJ and Woods step it up more om offense. We need their scoring. All in all good effort just focus on MUCH better passing and cut down on the turnovers!

Comment 27 Jan 2019

Kaleb plays the most minutes for sure but Ledee gets more playing time. His physicality and movement warrant it. Coach needs to have a one on one with CJ. As a leader he needs to set the bar for level headed play under pressure and he must stop all the turnovers! We really need Keyshawn to score and provide more leadership. The freshmen are all contributing in their own ways especially Luther. Andre has stepped it up significantly which is great to see. 

Comment 12 Jan 2019

A rough patch was certain this season and now is not a bad time. Keep grinding. Coach will get it straightened out and we’ll make the NCAA BUT we need more consistent scoring which means changes - 1) the leaders Jackson and Woods must step up their overall games meaning scoring and working to get better team shots 2) the scorers need more minutes and more of the right shots (look at the numbers!) meaning K Wesson is fine, A Wesson taking far fewer 3 point shots unless he’s hot and focusing on his short to mid range game and more rebounding, Muhammad continuing to take his shots as he’s the best % shooter from the field, Washington NEEDS more minutes and continuing to take his shots given his scoring capability, and give Jallow more time with limited 3 pointers focusing on his short to mid range game and rebounding. The mindset must be work for the best shot every possession and eliminate turnovers. It must be disciplined. Bring it every game and leave it all on the floor Buckeyes!

Comment 07 Jan 2019

ESPN’s SEC and ACC Networks are definitely a big conflict of interest. ESPN will protect and promote their business assets. If people don’t see that they’re naive. And it’s not talked about enough. 

Comment 06 Jan 2019

We all want to see a fair and objective competition as all these kids deserve that chance. And Coach Day will definitely deliver on that. All the discussion seems to center on Tate and Fields but don't forget Baldwin! He is well-respected. If Haskins does not return (wish he would but unlikely) and if Fields receives the waiver and competes for the starting QB position this year (which will be a great competition), I think Fields wins the starting job.