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Comment 31 May 2019
I actually think receivers are better this year. You got 4 of your top 6 back from last year (apologizies to Johnnie Dixon) with more experience now and Wilson who looks like a stud. Not sure the numbers will be as good because I think they will be more balanced and Haskins was special, but the talent at receiver won't take a step back.
Comment 11 Jan 2019
I don't get the obsession. Our o-line has had issues with some penalties and wasn't great run blocking this year but kept a mobility limited qb upright and healthy all year long. Remember zero depth in 2016? Remember a certain tackle that had at least one false start a game before Stud took charge? No line is perfect, but last 2 years have been good enough to give us a did opportunity to win in every game we played including against better fronts like Michigan's.
Comment 26 Dec 2018

It isn't just getting into the playoffs - it is about being able to win when you get there.

Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. 

Urban upped the level of recruiting in the BIG when he arrived. Part of what he had to do was fight against the perception (which was accurate) that the BIG sucked.  Recruits want to play in big games against top level competition.  If the BIG constantly looks like it sucks then we will win recruiting battles against PSU and UM but not USC, Clemson, Georgia, and Bama.  If you don't win a few recruiting battles against those guys you will probably lose on the field against them too.

Urban recruited the best nationally and won his fair share against other perennial national title contenders.  For coaches without multiple national championships to do that, they need to have a better story than what he started with. 

If the BIG consistently wins more than its fair share of bowl games the perception of the league gets better and it gets easier to get national recruits in the door.  If Michigan and PSU are consistently top 15 teams recruiting top level recruits is easier (though we will lose a few to them from time to time to other BIG schools). 

It isn't about 2017 or 2018 CFP, it is about where 17 and 18 year olds think they will have the best opportunities.

Comment 18 Aug 2018

If Zach had pushed similar details about Courtney to the press no one would have touched them with a 10 foot pole.   And they shouldn't have.  People have personal lives and it has nothing to do with the issue at hand (DV).  Frankly this is awfully close to revenge porn or victim shaming (yeah, I just called Zach the victim in this). This was done simply to humiliate Zach.  The fact that someone would publish them is mind blowing and shows a lack of class that seemed below even McWhatsHisName.  All that said, I hope Zach gets another job in football but glad it won't be at OSU.

Comment 17 Aug 2018
The last thing anyone needs is for Urban to come back without a suspension and have it look like a football decision. In the big picture a couple more days don't matter if all the i's are dotted and t's crossed. If they were going to fire him, they would be in a hurry so they could kill the headlines. This is the right message given the severity of the issue. Protecting OSU's reputation and restoring Meyer's reputation is worth the waite.
Comment 18 Jul 2018

Article is well written and seems fair.

The headline is poor at best, sensationalized and misleading at worst.  Maybe someone other than Smith's ex-wife has a little bit of an ax to grind with him (or maybe they just want more comments and clicks).

That said, this appears to be a non-story other than for us Buckeye faithful that read about football on a random night in July.