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Comment 01 Jan 2012

I hear you, and I hate being that way too after a tough loss.  But you said what has been on my mind the past 24 hours.

Comment 01 Jan 2012

I get your frustration with Coach, but if this is his career shortcoming I will gladly deal with it, and choose this over the alternative.  Bottom line is this:

- Games are won most of the time by having better players. 

-Matta's strength is convinving better players play for Ohio State. 

-Ohio State will win most of the time while he is the coach. 

I am not ready to trade him in (and his great recruiting) for the alternative that would be comparable to a Kirk Ferentz in Iowa - a great game day coach, but lacks the ability to land top talent. 

I'll choose the "hoping" that the better players will eventually end up on top, while enjoying the consistent 25-30 win seasons and B1G Championship opportunities year in and year out.