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Comment 20 Oct 2018

Great teams don’t lose this games.

Good teams lose these games close.

Ohio St gets the shit beat out of them.

This team has underperformed and started slow way to much this year.

if you need a loss to get you motivated, then something is wrong.

one thing I noticed about Urban this year is he spends more time moping around than motivating his guys.

Comment 20 Oct 2018

Don’t know if I should feel ashamed or relieved. On one hand Purdue is beating  the shit out of us, on the other hand we belong no where near the top 5. Hopefully this team wakes up after this.

still don’t understand how we fail to run the football like we do.

Comment 04 Nov 2017

11w is so pro Barret its comical. Been like that for years. If you criticize him you are labeled a "bad fan". When he has a bad game, it's the receivers, the coaches, or the offense line. 

He finally has a good game on a big stage last week and everyone acted like he just won the Natty.

Comment 04 Nov 2017

The most undisplinced OSU team I have seen in a while, this penalties and blown assignments are inexcusable and exactly how you lose against a fundamental team on the road

Comment 28 Oct 2017

Let's not pretend this game is JT's fault, it's on the coaches. To sit there and kick the opening kickoff to the best player in the country, is either arrogance or ignroance. To not learn from that, and continue to kick it deep, either arrogance or ignorance. To play call so close to the vest (swing after swing, bubble after bubble) while you are down by 2 scores is just ridiculous. The coaching has killed us