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Comment 15 Aug 2018

Haskins plays on a much better team so he already has a foot up, as long as the O'line does their job OSU is going to roll up some big numbers in the air and on the ground. 

Comment 14 Aug 2018

Stewart's OSU hate game has been strong lately. 

I have a subscription to the Athletic, singed up when Birm was going over and they had a 50% discount going on at the time, will not be renewing, Ari Wasserman's coverage of OSU leaves a lot to be desired, not a fan needless to say.  

Comment 13 Aug 2018

Welcome aboard.

Glad 11W wasted no time in lining up a MBB beat writer replacement, hope you take the coverage up a notch. These next few months are important for trying to fill the last spot for 2019, Liddell coming in for an OV 1 Sep if he doesn't commit who else do you think Holtmann and company get officials from in the fall?

Comment 12 Aug 2018

With the Shit Storm the Smith's personal lives have created there is no effing way in hell he ever coaches at Ohio State again. That clown show of a relationship needs to move on.

Comment 10 Aug 2018

I know James covers football too but him being the Basketball beat writer for 11W I have found his coverage of the basketball program and recruiting subpar. Example: Zeke Nnaji who is a top 30 prospect in the 2019 class who blew up on the AAU spring and summer circuit has an unofficial visit to OSU scheduled for 25 August, you'd think that would be in the heat check but no it's not, instead we're rehashing old news that anyone can find on twitter. 

Wish James the best of luck and hope the next guy that is suppose to be the Basketball beat writer for 11W does better. 

Comment 08 Aug 2018

Just returned from a 2 week trip to Europe, stay away from AirFrance and ovoid CDG if possible when traveling to or through Europe. Took AF 4 days to locate my bag (which was located in CDG) then took them another 3 days after they found the bag to set up delivery so on my 8th day in Europe the bag was finally delivered. Sitting on the bag for 3 days was inexcusable and time spent on the phone daily with those idiots was a good time too. 

Comment 26 Jun 2018

LOL, you're entitled to your opinion but I'll side with the professionals, not the I watched tape internet expert, there were a lot of fans pissed off because Meyer and company passed on Green for Elliot. There are a lot of people who actually know football and are extremely happy Hubbard got his offer. 

Keep watching tape. 

Comment 23 Jun 2018

I like it and use it at home more than I thought a I would, during the week I'm just cooking for 2 and it's my goto Kabob cooker. Have a good friend who does the RV thing, he carries a GMG Davy Crockett and WGA, has all his bases covered. 

Comment 22 Jun 2018

Thanks cooked them at 200 for 2hrs to put some smoke on them, then bumped the temp up to 250, they took another 3:15 before they were ready to pull. I used a 50/50 mix of Lumberjack 100% Cherry/100% Hickory. 

Comment 20 Jun 2018

Got a new toy

Compart Duroc St Louis Spares, just look at the marbling on these.

Top rack seasoned with BPS Money bottom rack Loot 'N Booty Everything Rub, cooked naked, did give them a 50/50 ACV/water spritz after 2hrs on the hour, served dry. 
Comment 11 Jun 2018

Always liked Birm's work and I also like Austin Ward even when he was at ESPN I would read his stuff. 

Comment 06 Jun 2018

Looks like most of the players Ohio State are in on will probably make their decisions in the Aug/Sep time frame after they take some officials.