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Comment 30 Nov 2019

Never take winning for granted. That’s exactly the kinds of things their fans and players said in the 90’s. When you stop thinking it’s a rivalry, you end up losing. John Cooper never really understood The Game and it showed with his record in it. 

Comment 30 Nov 2019

I actually thought it was pretty funny. Then after the penalty I thought it was hilarious. 

Comment 09 Nov 2019

McCall has had more than enough time to prove himself. There’s a reason he’s lost the punt return job and that there’s 2 freshmen ahead of him in the running back rotation. 

Comment 29 Sep 2019

Raising them right! My daughter, much older than 4, bought me and her tickets to the MSU game this Saturday for my birthday. I like to think I raised her right as well. 

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I knew Indiana was going to throw from the WR spot at some point in the game. They ran that play on their first 2 series and all our DB’s swarmed to the ball. I’m sure they wanted to save it for later in the game if it was close, but it did get them to within 20. If I caught onto what they were going to do, I’m not sure why the coaches didn’t.