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Growing up in Kettering, in the John Cooper era, I felt left for wanting every year, especially in late November. Then the turn around happened with the Vest. Ever since I have been a happy Buckeye


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Comment 24 Apr 2020

My goodness, great question. Do I get use retrospect and look at the value he has for Dallas or do I have use 2016 pre-draft assumptions?

Knowing what we do.... he is definitely a late 1st Rounder.  If we just go off he college career eh; great pass blocking, explosive speed, great vision, can make good cuts behind the line.  The only thing I can't really answer is his pass catching.  Probably more realistic 2nd round.

Comment 24 Apr 2020

I think Buckeye Nation can all agree that player selection is truly national, look at how many great players we have from Texas. My point is this, when viewed in a vacuum, I will always want Buckeye success over anyone else. I enjoy watching Buckeye get drafted. I will always celebrate a Buckeye being selected ahead of anyone from the SEC.  Like I said, I am a homer and will support Ohio State players before anyone else. Realistically optimistic.

Comment 24 Apr 2020

It would be a terrible pick. I do think that when Mike Brown is involved in Football decisions, literally anything can happen.  

Comment 24 Apr 2020

I will admit that I am absolutely a homer.  I always think that Buckeyes go first but you raise a good point.

Comment 13 Apr 2020
Completely. I'm thinking TTUN gets the wrong end of Maryland cause each schedule, Maryland is gonna score points, and I really think that team backslides on Defense. I think the fighting harbaughs will score points but their D just won't be there like the last couple years. I will concede that Sparty is more likely. My hot take is that the only B10 east team that doesn't have a winning record this year is Rutgers and they go 5-7. I think the B10 East is the best division in CFB.
Comment 12 Apr 2020
In all fairness, the bungals have pressing needs across most of the roster. Grabbing an extra guy sounds great but then they would have to develop him. That aint gonna happen in Cincy. The onwership's best interest is Joey Ballgame... he comes in with it factor, swagger, and the ability to make things happen cause he knows how to win.
Comment 11 Apr 2020
I think that all makes sense. That's the best part of OSU recruiting. I agree that the Buckeye recruits are probably pretty solid. The only program that makes me pause is Clemson. However I haven't seen them making really big moves. I really wonder if they do their best work during their "JuniorDay" or atleast use that as their primary recruiting thing.
Comment 10 Apr 2020
If the Athletic department do another 3 or 4 game ticket option i will be all over that. I have been active duty for 16 years now and uncle sam has finally seen fit to station me close(enough) to home. My wife and I will be all over that "affordable" option. As for covid, we will make it work. I'll wear a mask if I have to.
Comment 10 Apr 2020
Just because you have healthy 18 to 20 something year olds you get to put them at risk?! That's irresponsible at best probably negligent. So what if 20 of 100 get sick and 19 shake it off. What about that one guy? Is football worth potentially putting that one guy at risk? As a parent, as a human; I'd say no.
Comment 08 Apr 2020
This is the entirety of my childhood. I still remember watching the final quarter at a bowling alley. I was on a traveling league and broke a couple traffic laws so I could watch the game on the bar tv. My first call was to my Dad. The man was incredulous. We couldn't believe that we watched a buckeye win in the game. So happy with this series. Keep it up please!!!!