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Growing up in Kettering, in the John Cooper era, I felt left for wanting every year, especially in late November. Then the turn around happened with the Vest. Ever since I have been a happy Buckeye


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Comment 19 Aug 2019
I dont thinking was as much on him or the play calling. The o-line didnt play as well as we are used to and, like previously mentioned, haskins wasn't a "flight" risk. On top of that he lost quite a few Carrie's to Weber. Dobbins did say after Maryland last year he likes to get in a rhythm, and runs best that way.
Comment 08 Jul 2019
I completely agree. We all know Bama and Clemson. They both have elite level head coaches and they win in recruiting the last few years. Of course, they will get the love and respect. However they also take care of business week in and week out. The playoffs could be expanded but why. Recruiter better, play harder, and dont loose big to Purdue.
Comment 13 Oct 2018
I think I'm not in a position to argue that. It was nice to see Farrel get a couple targets and Rashod Berry actually caught a pass.
Comment 12 Oct 2018

It’s gotta be all the underperforming. I mean they should get more love in the game plan but, what, Farrell was the only TE targeted vs Indiana, once? It doesn’t help that every team is loading up the defensive box. This alone probably has Kevin Wilson in max protection mode.

Comment 01 Oct 2017

Nope, I do want to see continued progress with the O line and the secondary. Those two player groups and the receiver corps are the weak points on this edition of the Great and Glorious Buckeyes, in my humble opinion of course.