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Louisville, Kentucky (via Elyria, Ohio)

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Air Force veteran. Accountant. Weird transition, I know. Just like the move from Cleveland to Louisville was. Still a Buckeye for life!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 85 yards through the heart of the south! I was on leave for a slightly extended Christmas to watch that game!
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Kevin Ware... University of Louisville.. Sorry...
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Crew, but I don't watch much soccer

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Comment 14 Jun 2019

1. Wicks - Louisville, KY

2. Lorenzo's - Oberlin, OH

3. Spinelli's - Louisville, KY

Don't really eat pizza when I travel, but both Ohio and Louisville have had some great pizza.

If I were forced to chose a favorite chain it'd be Papa John's, but it really isn't that good. 

Comment 23 Apr 2019

While you are correct, I cannot upvote because you are using foul language You can use the alternatives TTUN, Meat Chicken, Xichigan, or even Bitchigan, but the m-word shall not be tolerated. Thank you for your understanding. (/s but only partially)

Comment 09 Apr 2019

If you aren't ready to go to that extreme there are some programs that offer the military-esque experience as an after-school activity. Civil Air Patrol (CAP) for the Air Force, Young Marines which should be self explanatory, I know the Navy has one as well. You can think of them similar to JROTC but at least with CAP and Young Marines these outside programs are better funded and offer a wider range of activities.

I was in CAP from age 12-18 and it was a great thing for me to learn discipline and leadership. There were several kids with me that obviously needed the structure and about 50% ended up getting what they needed from CAP rather than having to go to the military school option.

On the other hand, a military school gives that same kind of structure and education as a main curriculum instead of an after school thing. When I was at the Air Force Academy I knew a couple guys in my squadron that came from various military high schools, let alone the whole cadet body, so while CAP was all I needed, maybe those guys needed more than just a once or twice a week meeting.

I know it has already been suggested, but there are police departments that offer a similar kind of program to what CAP has, and I had a high-school friend who was in one of those programs. He was a totally more respectful and more disciplined person after a year of that, and I am 99% sure it was cheaper than CAP was.

All kids are different, and as this young man's parent you have infinitely more to go off of than I, but fwiw I know that CAP, Young Marines and local PD / Sheriff's programs have all really helped me and people I knew growing up.

Best of luck to you!

Comment 30 Jul 2018

I like that we have the luxury of recruiting a 4-star as a two year project player... 

Also, I wonder if his interest was in Nebraska or just in Scott Frost. I think you somewhat pointed this out, but it certainly seems like he only cared about the Huskers once Frost got there and was still recruiting him. 

And who in their right minds would want to play for Jimbo Fisher? Good choice mate.

Comment 19 Jul 2018

That could mean one of two things... either they have a better LT and want their returning guy to still start, or he's actually better at guard but had to start at tackle for reasons unknown to either of us.

Both options are terrifying. 

Comment 19 Jul 2018

It always shocks me how poorly rated Wisky's recruiting classes are, because you're right they turn 2 and 3 stars in to legit top tier talent along the trenches...