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Comment 09 Jan 2018
He's an exact copy of Barrett minus the leadership.
Comment 09 Jan 2018
So where does jalen hurts transfer to?
Comment 07 Jan 2018

That is my biggest frustration watching any can you be so bad from the free throw line when you practice it every single day. A basketball player should never be under 70% from the free throw line.

Comment 06 Jan 2018

I must be really old or something(28 yrs) because I HATE these cocky kids with all this taunting and stupid celebrations. All of them have way more talent than me, but my god it is disgusting to me the way they act.

Comment 01 Jan 2018
I mean....hue Jackson still has a job and hes some nfl teams dont make smart decisions...
Comment 01 Jan 2018
Did you expect anything different? Harbaugh is a massively overrated coach who will be the coach of the Colts by this time next week.