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Comment 3 hours ago

I know very little about either teams players. It is going to be interesting to see if a RB steps up to replace Taylor, they usually do but just don't know until it happens.. Also very curious if Mertz is as good as advertised. 

Comment 9 hours ago

I think the thing that I love the most about this class is that not a single one of them have any red flags for character issues. Our staff recruits that best of the best talent wise while not sacrificing anything in the character department. 

This was evident last year when they didn't really go hard after Zachery Evans when he probably coulda have been had at the end.

So proud to have the staff and kids that we have representing our program. 

Comment 12 hours ago

They have landed exactly 1 of those kids that they were in a "great" spot for. Caleb Williams is so damn influential. The only other of those that they even have a shot at in my mind in Camar Wheaton.

Drumm could tell me that the sky is blue and I would be highly doubtful that it is. 

Comment 22 Oct 2020

Obviously if Miller wants in I will be happy to have him in the class, but I am more concerned about landing Wagner and Goodwin.

If we can get Tshabola, Wagner, and Goodwin then anything after that will be a bonus. I know we want 5-6 in the class but Miller isn't a kid we should be super upset about missing if he goes elsewhere.  

We will find another kid that no one has heard of before like Zen Michalski this year. Many OL develop later and are harder to project. These kids have barely got a Junior season. Lets see what happens when it gets more back to normal for next season and kids can get some senior film.

Saying all that I still would love to see Miller in this class. 

Comment 22 Oct 2020

I looked into a lot of streaming services before I decided to go with ATT Uverse. I could never find a streaming service that gave me everything that I wanted. ATT Uverse does. Simple as that.

Comment 22 Oct 2020

Spectrum is trash. Will never go through them again.

However I love my ATT Uverse(now called ATT Tv). 4 years of not even one complaint about their service. 

I don't want have to get 5 different streaming services to get what I want to watch. No stress with cable and if you can't afford cable I think you need to look at your other spending and realize how much money you are wasting on other crap because it isn't that expensive.

Comment 22 Oct 2020

I laughed a lot at the comments about McCord and Carrico(and calling Carrico West Virginia) being Sawyers mortal enemies and other joking around things. That helps really show how close they are. Those are the kind of things that real friends do.

Comment 22 Oct 2020

There is nothing wrong with what they are doing. They will not be around the team or anyone associated with the program. They are all making their own personal decisions with their own health. There have been MANY others of these types of weekends at other schools. This is the world of recruiting at this time.

Comment 21 Oct 2020

Come on Mom put your foot down. For once can we have the mom factor work in our favor. Seems like it has been constantly against us the last few years.

Comment 21 Oct 2020

Our QB room is going to be really interesting. With this year not counting towards eligibility we are going to have Stroud, Miller, and McCord all considered true freshman next year. 

100% that at least one of them doesn't finish their career @ Ohio State.

Comment 19 Oct 2020

Exactly this. I personally believe that most in the big ten still hope there they play no games at all. They just "voted" to return because they knew if they didn't they would all be looking for new jobs in the very near future.

I think there are probably only like 3 or 4 schools that are excited to be playing this year(not the players or coaches but the administration.) The teams themselves are probably having trouble sleeping this week they are so excited to be playing games soon.