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Comment 1 minute ago

Give Fields 111 more passing attempts and he has almost the same yards. Fields has played in one 4th quarter this year....Burrow has played alot because his D can't stop anything against anyone so he HAS to keep putting up stats.

Tell me to pick a QB for my team tomorrow and I'm picking Fields. 

Comment 4 minutes ago

They have the same number of total TDs. Fields has 31 passing and 10 rushing. Burrow has 38 passing and 3 rushing.

Also Burrow has thrown 111 more passes than Fields.

I do agree that Burrow has the lead but most of that is media driven honestly.

Comment 11 minutes ago

My prediction for the final Heisman vote is:
1. Burrow
2. Fields
3. Hurts

Fields has the stages to make a move if Burrow slips up. Remember Tua had the Heisman wrapped until Championship week last year. If Georgia beats LSU in the SEC champ game and makes Burrow look human while Fields gets about 12-14 more total TDS the next three weeks it COULD get interesting. Interesting enough is that Fields has the same number of total TDs as Burrow and hasn't played the 2nd half much at all this year.

Comment 17 minutes ago

The atmosphere around the stadium should be crazy.
BIG Noon Kickoff and Gameday are both going to be there. Chase Young is returning. Penn State thinks they have a chance to ruin our season. 

This is Ryan Day's first HUGE test as a head coach. Can he get the team ready to go after 2 straight games against nobody? This is a MUST win game, if they lose everything they have done this season is for nothing. No undefeated season, no Big Ten Champ, No playoffs. This is why I don't really want playoff expansion. If there was an 8 team playoff this game wouldn't mean nearly as much...we could lose this game and still get in pretty easily. This is the type of game that makes college football so exciting and so much better than other sports.

We as fans feel like this is going to be a blowout and we will run them off the field but anything can happen. If they play their A game and we come out flat they CAN beat us. Gonna be a fun week of discussion leading up to this game. Noon Saturday can't arrive fast enough.

Comment 9 hours ago
They will adjust like they did a couple weeks ago when they had Oregon Washington as the their big game and put it at 4. I'll be there so I hope to hell they don't play at 9am. Lol
Comment 10 hours ago
The team is going to be so amped up next week. Fox and gameday will both be there. Chase will be back. Crowd will be ridiculous. Expecting to be up 14-21 points by the end of the first.
Comment 10 hours ago
Definitely feels like if we play Clemson in the semi finals that will be the true championship game. Just like 14 when we beat bama who would have demolished Oregon just like we did.
Comment 10 hours ago
This week just made me even more confident that Ohio State is the best team in the nation by a decent margin.
Comment 12 hours ago
Oh you mean Jalen hurts isn't actually a good QB... Who ever woulda known. First real defense he's played against all year and he is getting humiliated.
Comment 15 hours ago

I do feel good about the future of the LB position. We have some good looking kids there. Mitchell and Pope really stand out when they get playing time.

Comment 16 hours ago

Think this kind of opens up the runner up spot of the Heisman for Fields, and it Burrow slips up or something crazy happens maybe win the thing?