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Comment 15 hours ago

Birm said that from talking to Kiner he believes that he actually prefers TTUN. Kiner is not the top target for either school but like TTUN more.

Not everyone that is born or grows up in Ohio is an Ohio State fan. Those people are wrong but it's their choice.

Comment 17 hours ago

Just like this year when there was a Grand Canyon between 3 and 4. But yes lets expand the playoffs to 8 teams so we can watch more games like the LSU/Oklahoma game, we need more of those.

Comment 17 hours ago

There is a new deal being worked out between the players and owners and a big part of it is rookie deals. I think something about the rookie deals are going to a year shorter so that drafted kids can get to their second contract where they make the real money faster.

Don't know all the details but that is something I have read being discussed.

Comment 17 hours ago

While true he hasn't had anywhere near the amount of carries as some other backs. He only has around 500 carries in his college career while Dobbins had 700 and Taylor had like 900. He was probably a 2nd-3rd rounder this year. I think he will have a chance to be a 1st rounder next year.

Comment 17 hours ago

I know they could go anywhere, but the both seem to have OSU/TTUN @ 1 and 2 for them. I will be fairly surprised if they end up elsewhere. Certainly could happen because recruiting is crazy just seem that it is trending towards a OSU/TTUN race for those 2.

Comment 18 hours ago

Anyone have a membership and want to let us cheapskates know what the update is?

Comment 19 hours ago

I think that there is no way that Kiner and Edwards end up at the same school. I think Ohio State gets one and TTUN gets one. Personally I'll be good with either one of them, just sucks that the other one will probably end up going up there. 

Comment 20 hours ago

It's possible but they have gotten several highly rated players to go up there lately and done NOTHING to develop them.

Look at all the kids that have gone up there and not done much. Derrick Green, Kareem Walker, Donovan Peoples Jones. The list goes on. Then look how many went there and then shortly after tranferred out. Tarik Black, Aubrey Soloman, James Hudson, Oliver Martin.

Side note. Looking at their 2017 class...they signed 30 kids! and still only had the 5th ranked class. Ohio State signed 21 and had the 2nd ranked class.

Comment 21 hours ago

TTUN just lost their two best recruiters and sounds like they just don't really seem to care about recruiting like an elite program. The talent gap just continues to widen and as long as Harbaugh is there that program will not be a true threat. 

Kids and coaches spend a little time around that program and realize they need to get out ASAP. I don't have exact numbers but I know they have had almost as many kids transfer than stay lately. 

Comment 16 Jan 2020
Think it probably helps out a ton that Jameson Williams is jakailins cousin. Especially with Jameson expected to get some big time playing time this year.
Comment 16 Jan 2020

This is what sucks about Hafley is that he was out on visits and contacting all these kids saying I'm not going anywhere(because he really didn't think he was) and then boom he's gone. It's really an unfortunate situation. Nothing against Hafley, he did what he thought was the best thing for his career and I have no issues with him. Hope he gives Clemson some competition in over there finally.

This is a quote from Tony Grimes.

“Coach Hafley was cool, although he told us he was not leaving and then the next day we see his departure on the news. But Ohio State is still in the mix for us, very much so.”