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Comment 24 Apr 2019

If Tressel didn't take a kid from Glenville then he was made aware that the kid may be a character risk. I don't have any inside information but the relationship Coach had with Ginn Sr any player with talent would have been offered unless there was a reason.

Comment 29 Aug 2018
Wouldn't the lawyer have a name? And by extension wouldn't it be easy to find said lawyer and verify if this person ever worked for the university?
Comment 17 May 2018

tOSU would have little trouble affording the extra financial load. If you are worried other programs I would have to ask why? They simply would continue to carry as many players as they could and continue to do more with less as they always have. If this is a concern over leveling the playing field I would have to argue that the current system is just as unfair if not more so than what I am suggesting (and realizing that my voice has no real power). Blue Blood programs have a distinct advantage now and in order for anything to change you would have to keep it that way.

Comment 17 May 2018

They could transfer at any point but after the sophomore year there would be no penalty. I'm not trying to stop kids from going leaving but they won't face a penalty after a certain period of time, which would still give them a chance to make it at their chosen school. If after 2 years of good standing in the program they feel it would benefit them to go somewhere else then no sitting out. If would be up to the NCAA to decide if a player could play right away if the situation arose such as the one you mentioned.

Now as far as the 85 limit, I have never really understood the purpose especially in regards to the way most "upper" level teams operate. Its not like Indiana is awash with 4 and 5 star players that tOSU passed on or didn't get, so having more scholarships would ease the concerns of the blue blood programs when it comes to depth.

Comment 17 May 2018

Get rid of the scholar limit (or bump it up to 120) and then remove the transfer penalty after the player goes completes their sophomore year. Rosters will remain stacked and coaches will have time to evaluate if the player is going to play or not, if and when they reach a point where both sides agree it is time to move on then the player can leave and start fresh at a different school.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

I would think the recent change of position for EGW and moving White to WR might have more to do with some other players not coming back than anything else. I wish the young man well, maybe it was him, maybe it was the staff, maybe it was something else either way he is gone. I don't believe that it was ever a package deal that Martell was only coming if Lindsey was coming and the same could be said for Garret, but again you never know until they are here. If I had to guess I would think Wilson would want Bowden in this class and maybe liked him a little more that Lindsey but that is complete and utter speculation and I have no way of knowing if it's true and we have already made room for Harris (along with a few others should they decide). As far as being to small, yeah I don't get that, slot receiver with his speed and ability would not be a concern for me (again not a coach).

Comment 02 Dec 2016
Living on the boarder I can attest that watching The Game with Michigan fans is not a good time. But this game has broken a great deal of their fan base. In an ironic twist I can't tell you how many meme I have received telling Harbaugh was going to send Urban to the hospital, as it turns out the same folks are still in meltdown mode.
Comment 27 Oct 2016
Living on the boarder I can assure you that the smugness has never gone away from that fan base. Every year is the year, until it isn't.
Comment 16 Oct 2016
The only thing to draw from this is Wisconsin is a really good team. I remember awhile ago when the home team lost to Purdue and USC in the regular season. We played Oregon in the rose bowl that year, a team that beat Purdue and USC. And we know how that turned out. Take the win and run, let the talking heads talk.
Comment 02 Oct 2016
We are a running team, we have been a running team and we will be a running team. Like others have said the blowouts have had an impact on throwing the ball, defense and our punter have really giving us short fields to work from also impacts the deep ball and passing. JT has still had 4 or more passing tds on 3 of the 4 games so the yards aren't there but the production is. We did get a taste of the deep ball against Oklahoma so they do exist, but why do low % throws when the high % throws are there? One missed tackle on a short high % route and it's a TD, if it's a 5 yard gain because the guy gets tackled then it's still a positive.