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Comment 13 Feb 2017

That guy sounds like he was a pretty terrible guy. Prayers and comfort to the family, who probably don't miss him nearly as much as they miss what could have and should have been. Prayers for the soul of the deceased as well. He sounds like a terrible human being who doesn't deserve it, but we're all terrible human beings who don't deserve it at some point. I may get downvoted like crazy, but prayers for him nonetheless.

Comment 26 Jul 2016

I really don't like most football fans of any stripe, including Ohio State's. Almost no one, including me, has any clue what they're talking about beyond the very basics of football. Arm chair coaches are always, always, always idiots. I generally hate talking football with everyone.

Comment 09 Dec 2015

Michigan and her fans never shut up about the notion that the program has the most college football wins of all time, but that idea is buoyed by a fanciful definition of the phrase 'college football win,' which apparently includes any athletic exhibition they engaged in with an oblong ball while one team was affiliated with a college and the opponent was breathing. By this definition, the University of Michigan has 924 college football wins, but it has not beaten 924 college football teams. Included in that number are wins against high school teams, boys' prep schools, municipal rec league teams, and university clubs, among others. 

Ohio State has a few of these wins in its ledger as well, but you don't hear us bragging about our 42-4 win over "Dayton YMCA" back in 1892. (Two safeties, guys? Come on...)

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Just my humble opinion:

First of all, I'm sorry to hear about the death of the student. It's obviously a bad thing. It's sad that sometimes bad things happen at otherwise innocuous moments. Everyone knows this, and they weigh their options, analyze the associated risk, and make a behavior decision. People die while driving to class. People die while taking a walk. People die as a result of head trauma suffered over years of playing football. It's always bad when these things happen, but we can't stop doing everything that might end in a tragedy.

The university is going to ban the Mirror Lake jump and someone will drown in the moving waters of the Olentangy River as a result, and that will be a story about the university's lack of liability because they cancelled the tradition rather than its liability due to an overreaction to one very sad story.

Prayers for this young man and his family. God bless.

Comment 18 Nov 2015

I watched the last ten minutes of the Youngstown State - North Dakota State game (last 1:20 right here: https://youtu.be/o7N71odGDH0). That game meant a lot to YSU. NDSU has won the last four FCS championships, and the Penguins, who were ranked and on the cusp of a playoff berth, had them on the ropes. They would've won if not for the pass interference call against YSU that immediately preceded Pelini's tirade. It was one of the worst calls I've ever seen. I fully understand Pelini's anger. It was a season-changing call. YSU dropped out of the rankings as a result of the loss, and probably lost any chance at the postseason.

But here's the thing: Pelini's outburst resulted in TWO unsportsmanlike conduct penalties - one a 15-yarder and one of about 7 yards (half the distance to the goal). Having those twenty-two yards back would have put the Penguins in field goal range for a kick at the end of the game. There's a time to register your complaint with the officials, and there's a time to coach the football game. I would've fully supported his fit after the final gun (a la Bill Cowher jamming the paper in the ref's pocket as he ran off the field), but not while he could still cost his team.

Comment 30 Oct 2015

Now, I have to admit that when [Krenzel] heaved that pass, my first reaction was, 'What? We just need two yards. Oh no, no..." The percentage chance of hitting the deep ball is not great. We didn't need a touchdown at that point; we just needed a first down. But when the ball was caught in the end zone for a touchdown, my "Oh no," turned into, "Yes!"

Coach Tressel, The Winners Manual

With respect, Coach Tressel didn't gamble against Purdue. Craig Krenzel did. As I recall Krenzel telling the story, he saw something at the line of scrimmage and he changed the route Michael Jenkins would run, having some sort of unspoken conversation with Jenkins, his favorite target/roommate.