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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 Michigan game, sitting in the south stands watching Will Allen make the interception that ended the game
  • NFL TEAM: KC Chiefs
  • NBA TEAM: Memphis Grizzlies
  • MLB TEAM: KC Royals\ Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: US National Team/ Liverpool

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Comment 15 Jul 2019

Greg Bell- went on to gain over 1000 yards for 3 years in the NFL for the Bills and the Rams.  Garin Veris- two year starter for New England at Defensive End, played for 7 years in the NFL, recorded 36 NFL sacks lifetime.   Both of those guys were pretty good! 

Comment 15 Jul 2019

In Dutch?  Does this have something to do with weed?  If someone is in trouble for drinking too much beer are they in German? 

Comment 10 Jul 2019

Radically different time frame, but think about Wes Fesler. Storied player who did not live up to his playing status as a coach, and made a bonehead call that cost the team the Snow Bowl.  Of course Ohio State fans are so rabid they hounded him out of town anyway even though he was at the time the second most storied player in OSU history and had won a Rose Bowl one season prior to his leaving. 

Comment 10 Jul 2019

This was one of the most frustrating bowl wins in OSU history.  That team was looking at a Rose Bowl and a possible MNC going into Michigan week  Then after their legendary bed defecation at UM they sunk all the way to a non New Years day bowl game against a 6-5 BYU team which they barely beat.  This is during the era that John Cooper was constantly on the edge of being fired and did JUST ENOUGH, that Ohio State felt they couldn't fire him. 

Comment 05 Jul 2019

Seeing Justin Fields treat the Big 10 like a video game. Seeing how many consecutive games Ohio State can put up 50 points.  Watching UM get hyped up because they have a chance to go to the playoffs only to see Ohio State, once again, dash their hopes and make their fans wonder why they even root for that team! 

Comment 22 Jun 2019

I remember that brief period when Rutgers was good about 10 or so years ago,  I believe they and Louisville met in a game where they were both undefeated. The Rutgers theme for that game was "undefeated lives here".  The next week this led to one of the funniest signs in recent history, when the televised game was at KU, ( who was also good then) coached by gigantically fat Mark Mangino.  One of the KU fans made a sign reading "Obesity lives here".

Comment 22 Jun 2019

UGH.  I hate recruiting! I just want my team to follow the rules and get the best guys, I don't need to know the details.  Sometimes it's best not to know how the sausage is made.  And, 2/3 of the time the guys you really think are going to contribute do nothing.  Where was the recruiting news on Duane Haskins for example? The first time I heard about him was spring practice of his freshman year.  Look at Brendon White,,no recruiting news on him and now he is going to be the anchor for the back 7 this year.  Even more now with the transfer portal.  Recruiting sucks and I wouldn't care if coverage of it was cut by more than half!

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Extremely soul crushing,  It was perhaps the hardest I personally ever took a loss.  There were also some eerie similarities between that game and the 2009 USC game.  In both games the last time Ohio State had a drive deep into USC territory, they had to kick a field goal that put them up by 6 in 1980 and by 5 in 2009.  Then both 4th quarters were dominated by agonizing USC drives that led to touchdowns with about one minute left in each game. Brutal!

Comment 17 Jun 2019

The 1969 Rose Bowl was my first recollection of Ohio State football, I don't recall the '68 Michigan game or anything before that at all. I was in elementary school, and the whole town went nuts over the Rose Bowl and National Championship.  I then spent 34 years as a fan trying to recapture that moment where Ohio State was on top of the College Football world at the end of the season. THAT is why the 2002 team means so much to so many people, it was the end of 34 years of frustration and at least 6 chances to win a MNC again that just barely slipped away ( 1970, 1974, 1975, 1979, 1996, 1998 )

Comment 13 Jun 2019

I LOVE that someone remembers the idiotic Reinsdorf decision to move the White Sox games to PPV, thereby relegating them to second team status, now for at least 30 years, and for the forseeable future.  As a lad just discovering the joys of out of town games on cable TV, I was outraged and fearful that Reinsdorf's move would lead to other teams moving to the PPV model.  It is great to see that it was the exact wrong decision.  In 1980, both the Cubs and the Braves were lowly unloved franchises, and due to their being broadcast early in the history of cable on Basic cable, they have reaped rewards for now  over 30 years and into the future. 

Comment 16 May 2019

College baseball sucks. Seasons starting in February, structural factors guaranteeing HUGE advantages to southern programs, most good players skipping college, aluminum bats.  Until/unless these things change, why beat our heads against the wall here.  

Comment 16 May 2019

I can see a scenario becoming more and more common where the Conference Championship game is just something to " get through" before the playoffs, especially if playoffs move to 8 teams.

 I have never been a fan of the Conference Championship game, it seems artificial and contrived to me.  Just think of all the SEC championship games that featured a 12-0 or and 11-1 team against an 8-4 or 9-3 team.  Last year's game against Northwestern is another good example. 

Expanded playoffs will also lead to situations where a team would do better to rest guys in a CC game rather than go all out to win it.  Lets' say there is one undefeated team, two one loss teams and maybe 6 two loss teams out there.  No way would the undefeated team losing the CC game keep them out of the playoffs,unless they got completely humiliated.  I think ending CC games is a MUST if the playoffs are ever expanded. 

Comment 14 May 2019

Given today's TV landscape, carving out noon as the kickoff times for the biggest Big 10 games makes a huge amount of sense. It sets the expectation of the fans, that there are big games early,  and it doesn't move every big game to Saturday night, when it interferes with going out, attending dinners/parties or causes heartburn with your spouse because she wants to spend Saturday night together doing something other than watching football.  I'm sure there will still be night games for those of you who like them, but it was getting to the point that other than UM, EVERY big game was happening at night. 

Comment 10 May 2019

I think it was Haskins who took it upon himself to show everyone that he can run and with his football knowledge he can pick his spots, and he did.  He might have looked at Craig Krenzel's stats from 2002 that showed he ran for 368 yards that year.  And that is minus the sacks he took, so in NFL yardage, that is probably over 500. 

Comment 03 May 2019

Get the Bucks to the playoffs and perform well there.  Of course a National Championship would be nice, but it's hard to EXPECT a national title seeing that there have only been two of those in the last 50 years. 

Comment 02 May 2019

Yeah, that list is embarrassing.  What other successful program over the last 50 years even comes close to that ineptitude at QB in the NFL, maybe Penn State? I not entirely facetiously blame John Borton's injury in 1953.  Because of that Woody decided he never was going to rely on one guy to lead his team. Unfortunately that is the way football has developed over the next 65 years, and here we are. 

Comment 22 Apr 2019

I was ( and am ) a slow white guy, and I benched 280 in high school and wasn't even a division 3 recruit.  It is shocking to me to hear that only 3 or 4 guys could only bench over 300 in 1988.  Perhaps I should have tried to walk on.  I'm sure a 5'11 230 lb Defensive Tackle would have flown in that era's Big 10....not really.