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Comment 29 Jul 2019

I fell into the trap as a fan of kind of assuming that a big time prospect, in this case a RB was headed towards committing to OSU. I know that should never be the case. Even if the Bucks got Milton or Robinson, it was going to be work keeping them committed until the early LOI day. No reason the opposite can't apply, and keep recruiting them for a flip. Regardless, OSU is in good hands and feet this year with Dobbins, and if Day leads the team to a playoff appearance, a lot can change.

Comment 02 Jun 2019

First of all, while everyone thinks they know more about recruiting than you, none of us really know more about recruiting than anyone, unless they have recruited or have personally spoken with those who are recruiting. Otherwise, it’s all a fan’s opinion, included my own.

Now in my opinion, as fans, we should be concerned at this point. Great classes of perennially championship caliber teams, have a balance of top rated recruits, across multiple positions, every year. It’s not surprising that Day’s reputation is more alluring to offensive recruits, but that is not an excuse for the missing defensive recruits. 

The current defensive staff has experience,  a track record, and relationships with high school recruits and coaches., if not as a staff- at least individuals. There’s reason to be concerned, though no reason to panic yet. Things can change in a short order, and I’m still expecting or at least hoping that it will. 

Comment 21 Apr 2019

It really comes down to how well OSU is doing this season. If they are winning games, leading the conference, and in the playoff hunt they’ll have a good shot at these recruits. Stumble early and look disfunctional, and concerns over Day not being able to continue what Meyer had run the past 7 years, will make easy plucking by Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia.

Comment 20 Apr 2019

Regardless of who comes in for this year, if Fields goes down the Buckeyes are likely a 3 loss or more team. For all we know they could be a 2-3 loss team this season, though I’m hoping for no more than 1. Andadre coming in this season and having him with one year under the belt and freshman Jack Miller, would give better depth to manage a short-term loss of Fields next season

Comment 06 Mar 2019

There’s enough offensive talent that if the OSU coaches don’t want to make the TE a focal point, but a blocker who occasionally catches the ball- that’s fine. If you’re going to do that however, don’t waste the recruiting effort and scholarship on a player like Ruckert.

Comment 04 Feb 2019

I think the TCU and Purdue flip might get OSU into the playoffs. The blame would have been put on Day, so there would be an argument for letting the Buckeyes into the dance. The irony, is if Day lost to TCU, he probably isn’t the head coach now.

Comment 21 Jan 2019

I don’t think there is too much of a question as to whether OSU should be a really good team next year based on talent. The question as always, is whether the Buckeyes are 14 (plus)-1 or 13-1, with a playoff spot, or really good 13-1,12-2, or 11-13 and not in the layoffs?

Comment 07 Jan 2019

What a surprise. Who saw this coming? Yes, I’m kidding. Good-luck Dwayne and hopefully you end the long standing drought of successful Buckeye QBs in the NFL. Haskins, Fields, Baldwin, Miller.... a new era in Buckeye QBs at the next level. (Not discounting the potential success of Martell as a Buckeye, but even if he ends up starting next year, it’s unlikely that his physical limitations allows him to be a NFL QB)

Comment 04 Jan 2019

Day so far- Keeps the 3rd highest recruiting class in the nation and 1st in the B10 based on average recruit rating. Recruits the highest ranked prospect in Ohio, keeping him away from PSU and Michigan. Hires the offensive Coordinator from Oklahoma State. Brings in a transferQB who was the second highest ranked prospect in the 2018 class. Not bad.