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  • NFL TEAM: The one with the most Bucks
  • NHL TEAM: Meh should be playing lacrosse
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Meh should be playing lacrosse
  • SOCCER TEAM: The Ohio Machine play soccer?

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Comment 07 Nov 2019

Meh, besides PSU 17 I never thought we'd lose at any point in the game, I had more of when are we going to wake type feeling. Rocky goes from zero chance of victory before the match to 100% at the last second. Mich St. feels like a Rocky and the Rocky theme. They make it ugly because they have no talent and hope to land a lucky punch or win on "sure grit". That should never be an tOSU theme. 

Comment 18 Oct 2019

because that’s what Ohio State does. They kill at the time and place of their choosing with the weapon that feels right in the moment.

Pretty much sums up the season to this point.  

Comment 15 Oct 2019

Silver, helmets make you feel more aggressive since you feel 'safer'. I am betting that severe concussions might see an uptick with helmets on the ladies. The law of unintended consequences. 

That said the rules are designed to eliminate a lot of head contact in the women's game. You can't even shoot unless you have a clear lane or its a penalty. 

Comment 14 Oct 2019

What is the biggest difference between college and the pros? Also if you could tell your freshmen self one thing about their next four years that you wish someone would have told you, what would you say to him?

Comment 29 Sep 2019
After watching college football for many years there are tons of HCs and asst coaches who barely make the correct calls in their own games so them making terrible top 25 list is not a surprise. "Hey let's run 5 yard outs and get this first down" - random coach. "Umm coach it's 3 and 9" - random player.
Comment 23 Sep 2019
HS have a ton of duel entry courses now. My son is a freshmen but walked in the door with 12 credits already. He's on pace to be a sophomore by January. Between the DE courses, accelerated winter sessions (wasn't a thing when I was in school), online courses, and summer school most kids should be graduating earlier then expected.