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Comment 27 Apr 2019

Great, Great write up. It's up to the coaching staff to adopt. They need to modernize this offense and recruit to that system.

They also need to fix there slide package on D. Its horrid from either lack of execution or lack of understanding. There was a TON of miscommunication on slides and general lack of hustle on the 2nd slides throughout the season. There were times in the TTUN game that whole D should have been made to run suicides at half time. lol. They just sat and watched TTUN players turn the corner and waltz into the crease area. 

Comment 22 Apr 2019

Wasn't he GM back then too? He just shouldn't have had full control but stick to coaching.

Coaching wise, he actually tried to introduce a more positionless approach to the NBA way back when. He just didn't do a good job finding the players for his system.  

Comment 08 Apr 2019

They really need to scrap that offense scheme and increase the speed of play. They also need to cut down on the boneheaded unforced errors. 

And whoever called that 10 man ride in the 4th, needs to apologize. One, I didn't like the execution of it. The goalie kept getting switched to players way too far out. Just looked like a little confusion. Two, I didn't think they needed to do it at that moment. I thought they had just wee bit more time before they got that desperate. 

Comment 31 Mar 2019
Quality bigs are rare anymore. Most teams don't have a dominant big. TOSU didn't fail because they didn't have a quality big to back up Wesson they failed because they couldn't score when he was out due to the fact We didn't have anyone on the roster who could create their own shot. tOSU needs length not necessarily a true center and someone who can score without a play being run for them besides Wesson.
Comment 11 Mar 2019

Stanley Jackson was on a freaking NFL All-Pro team while in Cbus and managed to win nada. It's like driving a Shelby and not being able to get over 45 mph......ever. There is no way in Hades he ever looked better than Germaine in practice. 

Comment 05 Mar 2019

So the only measurable of a successful commissioner is having the most tv money?? Considering you only negotiate those once every 7 to 10 years, why even have a commish? I wonder what the commish does the other 99.5% of his time if one tv contract is his main focus? Inquiring minds would like to know. 

Comment 04 Mar 2019

His one crowning jewel was the TV contract. That was a home run. However, remember this is the same guy who didn't want a playoff, doesn't go to bat for the conference at all, especially doesn't go to bat for tOSU vs other conf. and is pretty fine with the status quo regardless of how how it affects his members as long as a certain dollar amount rolls in. 

Comment 15 Feb 2019

Thanks for the run down. Love reading this stuff. 

How's the team speed? I thought they looked a little slow the past few years and didn't have more than one person who could get their own shot consistently.