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Comment 11 Mar 2019

Stanley Jackson was on a freaking NFL All-Pro team while in Cbus and managed to win nada. It's like driving a Shelby and not being able to get over 45 mph......ever. There is no way in Hades he ever looked better than Germaine in practice. 

Comment 05 Mar 2019

So the only measurable of a successful commissioner is having the most tv money?? Considering you only negotiate those once every 7 to 10 years, why even have a commish? I wonder what the commish does the other 99.5% of his time if one tv contract is his main focus? Inquiring minds would like to know. 

Comment 04 Mar 2019

His one crowning jewel was the TV contract. That was a home run. However, remember this is the same guy who didn't want a playoff, doesn't go to bat for the conference at all, especially doesn't go to bat for tOSU vs other conf. and is pretty fine with the status quo regardless of how how it affects his members as long as a certain dollar amount rolls in. 

Comment 15 Feb 2019

Thanks for the run down. Love reading this stuff. 

How's the team speed? I thought they looked a little slow the past few years and didn't have more than one person who could get their own shot consistently. 

Comment 23 Jan 2019

Thanks for writing this up. Always welcome a little Lax convo.

My son plays (actually taking a recruiting visit with him this weekend) and I coach, so anytime I get to read about Lax and especially Buckeye Lax I'm a happy man.

Comment 09 Jan 2019

I prefer a 4-2-5 versus most modern offenses. Besides Iowa, Wisky and TTUN (occasionally) most teams are going to be 3 wide most of the time anyway. TTUN will attest how hard is for an lb to chance down a slot. 

That said, I think the reason tOSU is more 4-3 under is that tOSU has some freaky athletic lb's on the roster. In an lb track meet, I'm betting our LB core (sans Borland) would place in the top 3 nationwide. They looked slow on the field, this season, mainly because of the read and react portion of playing the position. Once the new staff simplifies their keys, I think us fans will be in for a treat.  

Comment 04 Jan 2019
Still trying to figure out how someone who couldn't beat out an just ok college qb, whose going to learn a brand new system, and adjust to new team is the FAVORITE to land the starting spot. Can he do it yes? But Tate clearly has an advantage heading into the spring and is probably the real favorite.
Comment 07 Nov 2018
Time for Stud to pack his bags too. His whole comment is nonsense and it's spread to the players.. The run pass option has nothing to do with their bad blocking. It's a very very weak excuse. Here's a hint: most teams block it like a run. It's like a lineman saying they don't like the zone read because they don't know whose running the ball. Lol I wish reporters would call him on this RPO nonsense and ask him how hundreds of other teams are able to block it successfully but not tOSU. Block it like a run and fire off. Simple
Comment 05 Nov 2018

RPO's have nothing to do with Haskins running. You could add a run in there as a third option (run, pass, keep) but it's its not necessary and most offenses just stop at the Run or Pass part.   I think 11W needs to do a whole series on the RPO and what it actually is. That article would also show how the oline complaining about it was a serious cop out

Comment 05 Nov 2018

RPO's have nothing to do with Haskins athleticism. The RPO isn't the Zone Read. lol. RPO is Run Pass Option. Basically, the QB reads a keyed player on defense (usually a LB or a safety creeping up). Simply, If that defensive player makes the number of blockers less than the number of rushers the QB pulls the ball out and passes (usually to the area vacated by the rusher). Haskins is the ideal QB for it because he can get the ball out very quickly with velocity.  

If anything tOSU should run more RPO's not less. It should burn teams for cheating on run fits. The problem isn't the RPO contrary to the popular theme. The problem is the oline isn't very good. The line blames the RPO which is odd because guess what, most teams teach the oline to run block for RPOs. Its not like their blocking is vastly different on RPO's versus a normal run and if they are then that is a coaching issue. So the issue isn't the RPO is the fact they can't block very well when the other team stunts, slants and/or stems which is a communication issue that falls back on coaching.  

If this offensive staff that's paid hundreds of thousands of dollars needs Tate to come to make the offense work they all should be fired immediately. There are thousands of teams from HS to the NFL that run offenses that are successful without the QB running. If they only know one offense where the QB must run to be successful then again they should be fired because that is freaking Offensive Football 101.