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Comment 21 Jun 2019

I'm surprised everyone gives Meyer (and Day) a pass about this. You don't need to have a running QB to be successful in the red zone. Teams do this all the time without a running QB with no issues. A team just needs to have better schemes and also better blocking to compensate for the lack of the QB run. Meyer was just being stubborn and not changing up his O enough to fit his personnel.  

Comment 21 Jun 2019

So you know about the time machine, huh? You'll forget this thread very soon.........................

Comment 13 Jun 2019

Let summarize because maybe I'm confused on how this college thing works. So the grad assistant sports trainer can leave after shopping for the best research opportunities (most money) a university would give them. The faculty liaison to the football team can leave whenever they would like to lead a new dept at any school. That same faculty member will at times actively recruit their staff to go with them as well with no penalty and build that into their contract (common in the research realm); The asst. coaches can leave for an HC position sometimes before the season even ends so they can get a head start on recruiting with their new team and the HC can go to their dream school even with the written contract they sign. However, the NCAA and some fans feel we need to be concerned about the players leaving because they need to show commitment and loyalty to their school of choice. Typing it out really makes it so much clearer for me.  

Comment 07 Jun 2019

As a youth lax coach and parent of a kid who just signed to play D3 next season, I can attest this is 100% SPOT ON on everything.

If your kid is interested in playing lacrosse, you need to be taking ownership of their recruiting EARLY and need to be playing in a well-known league and/or racking up the miles and credit cards for the summer/fall circuit and preferably both. Remember start early thinking about recruiting. My son is a goalie and since most teams only run with 3 or 4 goalies max, spread out over several classes the recruiting game was fierce.  

The private school thing is so true as well. Especially because the private schools in most states allow you to reclassify much easier than public. We lost the best offensive player on our squad to a....... Private school. Couldn't blame the kid and I honestly encouraged him when I talked to him because he felt bad about it. I knew he wanted to play at the next level and would be able to re-classify down. It was really a no brainer because his parents had the financial means as well. Kid was already a high-level D3 kid before the re-class and is probably a low-level D1 kid by now and is only a JR. He would have been stuck just like my son as it was really a two-man tandem in a non-hotbed that looked good in the school paper but wasn't getting either one them the proper showcase for recruiting. Each game boiled down to him dodging solo and scoring and my son saving a gazillion shots at goalie then hitting him on the outlet to repeat the process. If it wasn't for my son's summer travel team and us going to the various All-star tryouts my son wouldn't have been noticed.