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Comment 04 Nov 2020

I am 1 of 11- just counting my siblings. So when you count in spouses, and kids and crap, the number is over 20 for our holiday meals. The last couple Novembers we have been mixing it up. One year we did mexican/spanish food (cant even remember what I made but my family went all out. The next year we did finger foods/appetizers/desserts and it was like an all day snacking affair ( I am pretty sure I made three dozen deviled eggs, and a couple different cheese balls-1 doz was regular, 1 doz had bacon and green chile in it...bacon&eggs deviled eggs!, and the other was a spicy version. But the best was last year when we went Dr. John style and cooked cajun food. One of my brothers did a crawfish and shrimp boil, I did red beans and rice, someone did gumbo....the list goes on. 

Comment 29 Oct 2020

I come to this site everyday from an incognito window on the work computer. So logging in doesn't happen everyday. More like every Friday in football season to take my shot at "prognosticating" to win free OSU gear. But, I felt the need to pay respects to Skydog. As a young kid loving the "classic rock" all I knew of ABB in the beginning was midnight rider and rambling man from the radio. Now I am one of those people trying to find ever bootlegged copy of Duane's playing. The YouTube comment section can be complete BS, but I frequently am reading comments about really good footage out there of the ABB original lineup that shows Duane and Co. in their prime! Apparently locked away for legal reasons. As most know, the film out there now of the original lineup is lacking compared to other bands of the day and even compared to the ABB after Duane. 

Comment 17 Sep 2020

Shaun coming back and solidifying the secondary AS WELL as mentoring and hopefully passing the torch off to the other Jacksonville Trinity kid in the secondary- Tyreke Johnson would be off the charts amazing!

Comment 28 Aug 2020

I don't know...are you familiar with Rory Gallagher?? Both his and SRV's strats look like they have been through the ringer but you would be hard pressed to find two guitars that have produced better sounds. Love me some Stevie. His austin city limits videos are awesome but his first ever trip to Montreux in 82' I believe is legendary in every way imaginable. The way Jackson Browne tells it, he was basically dragged out of an interview he was doing just to go catch a glimpse and hear Mr. Vaughan and double trouble.

Comment 20 May 2020

Lol, I went and doubled checked, and it took me to the hoodie! I wouldn't put it past me to mess it up though.

Comment 05 Nov 2019


I apologize for any duplicates, but what are you hearing about Justin Flowe. He is probably considered a LONG shot now as he has barely mentioned anything about the Buckeyes, but I read on the rivals page yesterday that he was interested in using one his visits to travel to Columbus. And today Birm had an article on LTR. Was a little surprised to see nothing written about him here. Is that because its a pipe dream?? I am sure he has been mentioned somewhere in some space of the comments in the last 48 hours but I haven't been able to catch it!

Comment 01 Nov 2019

Late to this like always. Born in 1990 and grew up with a lot of older siblings and parents from the 60s.

So early on when the kids at school were into backstreat or nsync I was listening to Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Jackson Browne, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor at home because that is what mom had on. 

In the high school days I loved the 90s grunge scene and because of sports and the weight lifting that came with it I had my share of rock/heavy rock: We would blare Mudvayne, Slipknot, Pantera, ACDC, Rage Against the Machine..anything loud to get us pumped. Today, I can't even hear most of that on the radio without changing stations immediately (ok I still love RAGE).

College I was all over the place but when back to the classic rock: Zep, The Doors, Jimi, The Who, Pink Floyd, CCR, Cream...

The last 10 years or so I have still been stuck in the past, but diving deeper. Really got stuck on the BLUES and the "guitar gods". I tend to listen to a band and go in a stretch where I just play them too much and then move on to the next.. Van Morrison, The Band, Michael Bloomfield (love his stuff w/dylan, Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Super Sess), DUANE ALLMAN-(probably spent a year on Duane and his stuff with the Allman bros, and all of his session work.) Probably listened to Derek and Dom Layla album 100+ times.. Roy Buchanon (Wow..is all i have to say), Stevie Ray Vaughan!!!!!!   RORY GALLAGHER- is where I am currently. He is just amazing. Hard not to fall in love with this dude. 

If anyone wants to listen to about an hour of complete grooviness please check out:


This band is tight!!!!!!

Comment 11 Mar 2019

I agree! Who in the music industry is original without ANY influence from others?

Did Jack ever have to defend himself from Willie McTell or any other founding blues artist??

Comment 08 Mar 2019
While listening to it on youtube there were tons of comments regarding Jack White from White Stripes, Raconteurs, and Dead Weather. I had no clue there was some animosity b/ween the two bands. But after further quick reading from Wiki - Jack was on record of saying they rip of his sound? And later, they hashed it out (they meaning Jack and Patrick)?? Can anyone else fill me in on this?
Comment 12 Feb 2019

I just read an article on rivals about Jaheim Thomas and his interest in Purdue, and others. The main take-away, for me, was that early playing time is going to be a MAJOR factor in his decision. Lets hope not too major, because I don't see him coming in playing year right away and I don't want to see this kid at Kentucky or any other poacher.