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Comment 28 Jun 2017

Is there any shot Brennan Eagles winds up the Buckeyes come the first week in February?  Very impressed with this kid, but haven't seen any buzz around him and Ohio State lately.

Comment 12 Dec 2016

I thought of the exact same thing.  I remember hearing a lot of backlash after "some guy from Buffalo" beat Decker all day long.  He wasn't cut out to start, he's terrible, etc., etc..  And that rhetoric continued all throughout his first year on the o-line.  I have hope for Prince.  Like many have said, he wouldn't be starting if he weren't the best available. 

Comment 01 Dec 2016

I'm still crossing my fingers for Zamir White!  Kid is a stud and has been to Ohio State twice - once for the Nebraska game and once back in June - on his own dime.  I know we've already got Snead and a strong shot at Gill, but having to pick between Lingard or White as a final running back addition would be tough.

Comment 18 Oct 2016

We've heard a lot about the high-level of play by the Nits' receivers this week, do you think their O-line can actually protect against the Rushmen long enough for them to be a factor in this game?

Comment 10 Oct 2016

Excellent point, Siva.  I wonder about this as well.  Is it the culture at Ohio State that makes the kids grow up quickly, or is it the staff only selecting the best character guys to bring into the mix?  I imagine it's a combination of both, but I wonder if the culture at Ohio State is really strong enough that a guy like Bruce would avoid trouble if he came to Columbus.

Comment 26 Sep 2016

I'm still waiting for your qualifications in football scouting that you think your opinion matters over Urban. 

I was thinking that you had let a solid pun opportunity slip away, then I realized that his name is Kangaroo, not Koala. 

You know, since you're talking about qualifications? Koala-fications?  No? Nobody else?

Comment 19 Sep 2016
I would also like to chime in and say that our experience (my wife and I) was just like that of the op and the many others below. With the exception of a couple drunk frat guys we passed, nobody said a single disparaging word to either of us. Everybody in the section around us was kind and the guys next to us talked depth charts and recruiting (both of them felt it was a bad deal that Okudah was visiting for our game). Overall, great first experience on the road! Hopefully we can return the favor when some of them visit Columbus!
Comment 08 Sep 2016

Under (59-13)

True (Urban gets him a crack at it so he has in-game experience prior to OU next week)

True (They account for exactly 6 TDs, the other two come courtesy of Mike Weber)

Comment 08 Sep 2016

A million.  I think I'm too late to this game.  Every number I attempt I then find the next time I scroll through the hundreds of prior guesses..  So I'm gonna stand firm with a million.