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Comment 10 hours ago

It's both.  A culture that values looks more highly than another culture would hold a genetic advantage over time.

Comment 13 hours ago
Its pretty logical that beauty can be localized. Beautiful people in a certain region pass down looks to there kids. People who are born and grow up in a place are most likely to live in that place. They pass their good looks down. Etc. Etc.
Comment 19 Jan 2020

You're picking one example.  Ohio State's gotten their hand slapped for other things.  Michigan basically gives out thousands for free trips, and they were named during the Adidas thing.

I'm sure the SEC is a little dirtier, but to pretend like any big boy program is clean is embarrassingly naive. 

And bringing up your degree REALLY makes you sound like an elitist Michigan fan.  I mean, seriously, hijacking a thread to call another team a bunch of cheaters, and then bringing up your degree? 

Comment 17 Jan 2020
Yeah I definitely think it's mostly a waste of time thing. Maybe the numbers played a part, but Im guessing Day didnt like his chances.
Comment 16 Jan 2020
3 scholarships over (if they flipped Gibbs) before spring just doesn't seem like a lot for me. I can think of like 5 guys that I really think will struggle to get snaps. Is it more moral to keep those guys on who might crack the two deep or just tell them they might want to look elsewhere?
Comment 15 Jan 2020
We'd get away with it too, but we cooperate for some reason. The Zach Smith saga would have blown over in a week if OSU was just like "The police and AD knew. There was no hard evidence." But no, we put on the whole song and dance for the media lol.
Comment 12 Jan 2020

I like the hire. McDaniels was a clown with the Broncos, and people in GB think McCarthy wasted Aaron Rodgers' prime.  

The NFL is weird.  Even fans fall in love with these retreads.