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Comment 14 Aug 2020

 How can someone show you long term studies? It's ongoing. Read the science. Come back when you value life over sports. The world isn't on shutdown for the flu. This virus has mutated a few times already. Sure, healthy young people are in better position to handle any sickness but they can still spread it. The spread is why we are in this shithole spot now. But let's keep acting like it's the flu. I removed my quipy insult because I don't see it helping. Be safe, wear a damn mask.

Comment 02 Jun 2020

People react. There are a lot of good Police Depts around the country that have learned to de escalate. There are many many more that are macing Media. The Lantern should be able to report on their Campus without being maced. People should be able to protest without being teargassed. NPR should be able to report. I've known a lot of LEOs and maybe half I would trust. The rest I try to avoid.

Comment 16 May 2020

There should be a mechanism in place that spreads the money to players who contribute to the stars successes. Including practice players, scout team, trainers even. A star doesn't become a star without the other guys. Jealousy will prevail. Will the 'stars' be allowed to share their money? There are so many bad ways this can go. Can we just pay everyone and be done with it?