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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Smith & Co. beat scUM at the Big House in '05. Sucked the air right out of the place.
  • NFL TEAM: cough, Bengals, cough.
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Comment 12 Feb 2014
Because of Ramzy I now struggle with where my BONER KILLER tatt will be placed (and I need it to be free or discounted). DJ, where would you put BONER KILLER besides a Marion over pass?
Comment 22 Oct 2013
I watched almost every minute of every game and I saw a player that showed flashes of greatness but made too many mental errors. My guess is Matta saw this as well. I find this update encouraging. At the very least it will put the verbal vomit of "why didn't Matta recruit Burke" to rest.
Comment 06 Sep 2013
Do I really have to explain why Crean is a douche and why I can dislike a kid who signed with our rival? Color me confused. Stop being so nice, Mike. It's OK to admit both Crean & scUM make you puke a little in the back of your mouth.
Comment 21 Aug 2013
Sweet tea. I would move to the south just for sweet tea. If you ask for it up here they offer some sort of awful fruit flavored tea. When you give up and ask for a plain iced tea, they bring it with lemon even when you ask for no lemon. If places up here can't get tea right, they can't get food right either.
Comment 18 Aug 2013
Everyone missed on Burke. Position was not one of need for Matta once Scott was on board. Burke was going to Penn St. for crying out loud. So it looks like K, Williams etc. also didn't make the right call? Let's not bash Matta for this 'miss' until Craft & Scott are done playing.
Comment 06 Jun 2013

Outside of the fact that I would take a dump on Cleveland any chance I could (I've watched the Reds win multiple WS and the Bengals play in 2 Super Bowls), you can't blame the guy.  What did Cavs ownership do to keep him?  How is Cleveland a better place to live than Miami when you are young and rich (or old and poor for that matter)?  It would seem he is a good person that followed some bad PR advice.  He's a Buckeye.  Let it go.

Comment 09 Apr 2013

Siva got hosed.  He should've been the M.O.P..

As far as the UM crying foul, Louisville players were getting mugged under the basket the entire second half.

Comment 08 Apr 2013

Maybe I'm a 42 yr. old baby, but I just can't pull for them.  Wanted them to lose in the first round and have pulled against them every game since.  I don't think it's 'them' as in their team, it's 'them' as in their fans.  A win tonight and I get to hear about that AND the damn Tigers all summer.

No thanks.  Go Louisville.

Comment 05 Apr 2013

And folks thought we couldn't score this year.  Some guys will really need to step up next season.  Thank God for Q.

Comment 04 Apr 2013

I hope Denny applies.  He would be the Dennis Miller of recruiting.  I would always read his stuff but would only understand about half of it.

Comment 28 Mar 2013

"I'm calling it right now....New Mexico is going to the final 4."


- Seth Davis