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Comment 10 Jun 2016
The last breakdown I saw on scout showed 94 players on scholarship for the fall of 2017, assuming every verbal signs with no attrition like Sibley and no additional verbals/signees. Thing is, getting Sibley to bail doesn't provide any scholarships, it just let's osu trade up for someone better like cam Akers without actually getting a scholarship for him. That comes from backups that will move on. They have only 5 seniors coming off the books, and not that many candidates to graduate and move on among the juniors to be. Many sites talk about taking 20. A few hint at the major numbers crunch . Most don't talk openly about the fact that they'll be 16 over doing so, or somewhere around there. There will be a lot of backups moving on, especially anyone stupid enough to get in trouble with the law or not stay eligible.
Comment 04 Apr 2016
Indiana ran it 17 times in a row against Michigan's terrible run defense (once Glasgow was gone). The only reason they lost was because they tried to throw at all. They were a sieve defensively. The offense also woke the flip up after the loss. Those two things were far bigger factors in the turnaround than box residents. As for the problems with the offense : 1) The iffy blocking ruined the option and pop passes as well as the passing game. 2) inconsistent passers become much worse under duress, which was frequent. It was rare for either qb to be comfortable in the pocket. Conversely it was rare for cardale to be pressured in the trilogy . 3) Tim Beck is #3 in choosing plays. The conservative, qb run centric mistakes of the msu and vt losses are a staple of the #1 playcaller. He even admitted that tendency on Espn studying this year's halftime show at the nc game. Iffy blocking + inconsistent passers + qb-run-loving playcaller = spotty passing game All of the above + iffy Zeke +ferocious msu front = cowardly, familiar qb centric offense Braxton epitomizes the problem. He was born to be a triple option pitch man, snag pop passes and devastate defenders 20 yds into his route. The blocking ruined all of that, yet people usually only talk about the passing impact
Comment 08 Jul 2015
As of today 89 (4 over) for 2016. 77 (8 under) for 2017 with 7 commits. The 2016 senior class only has 12 guys, and it will shrink by 4-5 this winter when Cardale (pro or xfer), Elliott, Bosa and Bell declare and probably Thomas, so osu may only get 7 spots back that winter without roster management. The 2017 senior class has 23 bodies for now. Lee and Apple are almost certainly gone before 2017. I think Marshall is too and Price or Kwon could be as well. Let's go ahead and assume all 4 go (because if not them someone else will come off the books). So ignoring that they'll likely take even more in the 2016 class, the above math puts them at 13 slots and that is without Re assigning this next Spring's declarations to the 2016 class Now there will be plenty of attrition between now and then. Some guys won't get renewed. Others will wash out or get injured. The numbers always work out. But for now, things are pretty tight for 2017 without that attrition in place yet.
Comment 13 May 2015
In this offense, Braxton has the highest ceiling but also the lowest floor. He is electric with the ball but struggles with operating the option and passing game. He also isn't the most natural scrambler in terms of feel in the pocket, which is ironic in given how dynamic he is as a runner. He can make all the throws and do things the other two cannot. Barrett is the most consistent and lacks the extremes (good and bad) of the others. Cardale has a flamethrower for an arm, very good strength and good ability to escape from the pocket. He is very poor keeping it outside on the option and that makes him more predictable on his stronger ability to pound it inside. If healthy, Braxton gets the nod but he'll need to execute to maintain that edge.
Comment 13 May 2015
Penn State is the opposite of a good team. If they were even a solid squad the title run ends right there. In that game, Barrett played extremely tight, hesitating and second (and third) guessing his reads. Fortunately Hack and his offense are awful so they were able to win with a very meager offensive effort. They also received some enormous breaks from the refs, which was brilliant given the tin foil caps worn at all times by most psu fans. The league hates and envies them so the man keeps them down is a brief synopsis of one of the simpler conspiracies they live by out there. For many years now, people have mistaken Herman's qbs not executing with the offense going conservative. Sure they passed nicely against Sparty (though that secondary was not within miles of the 2013 one). But they were just as "conservative" against Minnesota and for huge stretches of the Michigan game. That was the signal caller not the playcalling. Minnesota was an okay squad and not exactly an aggressive offensive outing from Herman. Minnesota was a wildly over matched program that hung around thanks to untimely turnovers. I agree that they learned from that. I disagree that they were someone to include as a quality opponent. The run defense transformed over night from the game to Wisconsin because the DL finally played assignment football. They faced a bunch of good backs before that and did a pretty tepid job against them. I suppose you could say they didn't want to be embarrassed like that again but they were not exactly shutting teams down late in the year. . Msu, Minny and IU ran wild. Drake Johnson had success as well but did not get enough touches. He was also a big step down from the others and his hideous offense was one of the worst to ever play in the game. Playing good opponents can help you but if Sparty is going to remain a feather in osu's (schedule) cap, they will have to ruin some title chases. If osu played a tougher schedule last year I don't believe they don't make it into the playoffs (whereas I feel differently if this year proves to be a gauntlet) . To their credit they kept improving offensively and finally put it together defensively in the postseason. I'm glad psu and Minny were not better teams last year.
Comment 12 May 2015
Who were those good teams that got osu ready? The lone game against Sparty? The sec era and ESPN's sole voice in college football has twisted perception of what it takes. Many top programs emerged from average or poor conferences before the sec took over. Sure it is nice to play in a killer conference and win. It's not fun to lose in that conference when you aren't awarded a built in redo like Bama. Sparty being good is great when they're still under your heel. Them being good enough to ruin your season is another matter.
Comment 12 May 2015
So many topics to cover. Sparty is doing this by winning and it took them nearly a decade to recruit at a competent level. Sparty would trade Auston Robertson, Justin Layne and Austin Andrews for Nick Bosa, Austin Mack and Jared Mayden. They are not in a position to get those supers so they're grabbing lower tier guys. The difference is that after 5-6 years of largely filling up on sleepers, they are finally snagging top 12 Ohioans with ease. Sparty has had 3 qbs in the league for awhile and Cook is probably the 4th. Dantonio's offense is not flashy but it's very underrated in its development at the qb spot. That might be the absolute last position to assume they will struggle. Cook would have been a first round pick this year and is a top 10-15 pick in most mock drafts for next year. In no world does osu have two first round picks at qb for next spring. Barrett is not a high nfl draft pick (ever) and Braxton would never sniff the first as a qb and as an athlete his durability issues would be a major concern.