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Comment 12 Jan 2020

agree witchya.   "We're young" is getting a bit brown around the edges as an excuse for poor performance (I do accept youth as an issue at pt. guard though some were predicting Carton as one & done).  The Wessons, Young and any of the experienced sophomores need to show leadership. In the non-BIG10 wins OSU was pushing the ball up court (with Walker & Carton) and playing fast (think the game Carton had against KY).  Carton's turnovers in a set offense are unexplainable.  I don't think I've seen a worse display of foul shooting by two teams in the same game (OSU/IU).  IU's 16 missed fouls shots were a gift to OSU and the Bucks couldn't capitalize (OSU itself missing 11 foul shots added to its' woes).  If OSU struggles next Tues against Nebraska (at home) I'd like to see Holtman go back to a fast tempo (forget turnovers this team turns it over whether your in a set or not. May as well go for the gusto and get more possessions turning the ball over the same as u would in slow play). 

Comment 11 Jan 2020

In the big early season wins against non-BIG10 teams the Bucks pushed the ball up court and played fast.  Haven't seen that since the start of BIG10 play.  Seems like we let the opponent dictate tempo.  Like Jim Jackson commented w/o perimeter shooting it makes it that much tougher on Kaleb down below (opponents can collapse on Kaleb).  What's happened to Carton since his stellar performance against KY?  If Nebraska upsets OSU this Tuesday then it will come down to the end of the season winning multiple games in the BIG10 tourney to get into the dance.  IU gave OSU a gift by missing 16 foul shots (yes, 16) and the Bucks still can't win (OSU's foul shooting wasn't much better shooting only 58%....Lindell needs to begin shooting 100+ foul shots after every practice).

Comment 04 Jan 2020

I watched in person the 3 (Wade, Johnson, Crowley) Jacksonville,Fl Trinity Christian kids play throughout their high school days.  Like Wade has done I expect Johnson & Crowley to become contributors to this years Bucks team.  It's time for Tyreke Johnson to show up.  He was as good as Wade in high school.  If he has a good Spring and gets himself into the DB mix who knows maybe he can be a pleasant surprise.  The loss of 3 future NFL DB's is immense.  I'm not overly optimistic about their replacements.  Proctor for one seemed to be out of position a few times against Clemson (his whiffed open field tackle on Lawrence's TD run just can't happen). In hindsight if Brendon White were still eligible would he have played better than Proctor (made the tackle on Lawrence) or would White still not have played even after Wade's targeting call and exit from the game (and Proctor's missteps).

Comment 08 Nov 2019

As someone stated before a good gritty win.  No matter who was playing for OSU everyone gave it 100%.  It was a little white knuckling coming down the stretch (OSU +9 with 5 mins to go and UC had whittled the lead to 2 with 2:30 to go), but hitting some key foul shots at the end put it away.  The Bucks like last year need to improve their foul shooting.  Left allot of points off the board with missed foul shots (which were offset by UC's own foul shooting woes).  

Comment 25 Mar 2019

As in any NCAA sport come tournament time how well (or poor) you play down the stretch factors into your seeding.  Conference tournaments matter.

Comment 13 Mar 2019

If Buffalo loses in the MAC tourney final that could bust the Buckeyes (even if OSU defeats IU).  NCAA can't possibly leave UB out of the tourney. UB has been ranked in the top 20 all year. Two schools from the MAC would hurt OSU's chances of getting in. If I were to fill out a bracket now, I'd have UB as a sweet 16 team. They're that good (with senior leadership).

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Ahrens needs to work on his defense. He consistently gets beat on the backdoor cut losing sight of his man. He turns the wrong way. Woods is just as bad. For being a 5 year player he's never learned the basic fundamentals of playing defense. Fortunately, he's gone in a few weeks.

Comment 07 Mar 2019

Since the beginning of February  Luther Mohammed has been absolutely terrible on offense.  Right now he couldn't throw it in the ocean for two or 3 points.  He needs to take a seat on the pine and let somebody else try to score. Washington, Woods & Ahrens need to keep jacking up shots.  Too bad Washington's conditioning won't let him play 30+ minutes. He should of been getting more minutes 2 months ago (improving his conditioning along the way). Washington has a chance to be a great player at OSU. Holtman's presser after the NW game wasn't very encouraging. Can't say I've seen one that short before.  It was like he's waving the surrender flag.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

The '68 team had Jack Tatum at LB.  That's all you need to know as to how dominating the defense was in '68.

Comment 23 Feb 2019

Before major renovations began on the Q in Cleveland the Gladiators played there for 8 years (speculation they may return in 2020 after renovations are finished). A good seat cost $20, beers all game long were $2.00, hot dogs $1.00. Season ticket holders get free parking. All players are contractually required to stay on the field afterwards for a min 1/2 hour to comingle with fans (kids love it). When stray football's go into the stands the fans keep it (just like catching a foul ball in baseball). I've been a Jacksonville Shark season ticket holder the last 10 years and my family has only missed 4 games. It's that much fun and inexpensive. Nothing like being able to reach out and give your team high fives during the game. People will be surprised as to how good these guys are.

Comment 23 Feb 2019

The Dawg Man is back on Arenafan.com.  Right now his handle is Dawgman2. It was great seeing his handle show up again on the message boards. The video of Bears HC Mike Nagy (former Destroyers QB) saying encouraging words to close the Destroyers presser was perfect. So glad Arena Football is back in Columbus. 

Comment 21 Feb 2019

Ball movement and crisp passing was the best it's been all year. I didn't see any lazy passes this game. That was a key in beating NW. The Bucks with 8 mins left in the game and up by 12 didn't falter and closed out the game in fine fashion. This gives me hope OSU could upset somebody in the next 5 games (killer remaining schedule) and get a a high quadrant win.

Comment 09 Feb 2019

I'd like to see the Bucks go back to the retro gray unis as shown in the picture. I see the gray and scarlet unis and I think of #22 JJ. I think it still is better look (design) than what we're now wearing. I know u can't live in the past but the grays are sharp.