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Comment 12 Jun 2018

OSU is a consensus top 5 program. It's frustrating that outside of Mike Thomas & maybe Devin Smith, we've yet to field a star receiver that actually produced like one (HB doesn't count). If Alabama can transition from Julio to Amari Cooper to Calvin Ridley, why can't we? Clemson also had Martavis Bryant, Watkins & Mike Willams. Is this just recruiting misses?

Also, i'm not a huge fan of substituting SIX receivers. How can Austin Mack reach his full potential if he gets subbed in for someone he's better than? But I guess Haskins is gonna magically solve all these problems.

Comment 08 Jun 2018

To say Haskins is an upgrade over JT without him actually starting a game is comical. Potential doesn’t dictate the better player or win crazy road games like @ Penn State, results do. If he leads this team to a 15-0 or 14-1 record, wins the heisman AND national championship then we can all say he was an upgrade. Till then, put some respekt on #16’s name. 

Comment 09 May 2018

Welp now that it’s official, I’m actually pretty excited for the Dwayne Haskins era to begin, believe it or not. He must deliver though. 

I don’t wanna hear ANY excuses come fall. None. I don’t wanna hear about “growing pains” or #Zone6/Zach Smith or about play calling. The QB a lot of y’all been nagging for since 2016, a potential 1st round draft pick, is finally starting. With an eager Martell waiting on the wings, the pressure will be on. I hope the coaches made the right decision regarding Burrow. He’ll succeed wherever he lands.

Comment 07 May 2018

Joe Burrow is just as talented as Haskins, if not more. If I’m him, I wouldn’t play the waiting game w/ Meyer. There are so many D1 programs that could use his talents even if it’s for 1 year. There’s no chance he stays to be a backup IMO. 

Sidenote: Burrow’s demeanor/swagger were thru the roof all spring. Looked like a leader out there. This could finally be his year but you just never know, especially with the way things were handled in 2015….