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Comment 15 Aug 2019

I was positive we were going to beat Oklahoma in 2017. I also thought it would be a close game against Clemson at the end of that season... or we would at least be competitive. Never would have thought it was possible to lay an egg.

Comment 27 May 2019

It should be a different color at least. Every time I visited the homepage the past few days I get excited for a few seconds then realize it's a false alarm.....

Comment 23 Apr 2019

Seems like it would be a win/win for both parties. We have an immediate need for a backup QB. He would be trading up by going from backup QB at UK to backup QB at tOSU. Plus he's from here. So he would coming home. I don't see a downside to this.

Comment 04 Feb 2019

I wouldn't flip anything. We wouldn't have gotten into the play offs with one loss to anyone on our schedule. The best you could hope for by swapping Purdue and PSU is being ranked ahead of Georgia but still left out. I'll take my win over PSU, TTUN and the Rose Bowl thanks.

Comment 04 Feb 2019

That might make sense with Georgia not challenging the transfer. The deal could have been to keep quiet publicly about whatever else went on to protect Georgia's image. The last thing they need is a big scandal about widespread racism in their athletic department. The media would have a field day.