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Comment 31 Oct 2018

Once Corso hang it up, I see the show almost going to what the NFL shows do. They have a skit with someone like Rob Riggle, Frank Caliendo, ETC. It wouldn't have the same effect to have another person doing the headgear selection.

Comment 04 Feb 2018

I was at the game today. Was surprised to see Andre Wesson starting. I was impressed how he took the opportunity though. Jallow needs a huge confidence boost. He had a few opportunities to shoot the ball today and didn't, once causing a turnover. As far as Kam goes, this is rather disappointing to hear this late in the season. I'm not going to speculate what he did but this deep in the program being a senior means he should know better. Hopefully, he makes things right and gets back with the team in a week or 2 because he can truly be an asset from deep.