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Comment 31 Oct 2018

Once Corso hang it up, I see the show almost going to what the NFL shows do. They have a skit with someone like Rob Riggle, Frank Caliendo, ETC. It wouldn't have the same effect to have another person doing the headgear selection.

Comment 04 Feb 2018

I was at the game today. Was surprised to see Andre Wesson starting. I was impressed how he took the opportunity though. Jallow needs a huge confidence boost. He had a few opportunities to shoot the ball today and didn't, once causing a turnover. As far as Kam goes, this is rather disappointing to hear this late in the season. I'm not going to speculate what he did but this deep in the program being a senior means he should know better. Hopefully, he makes things right and gets back with the team in a week or 2 because he can truly be an asset from deep. 

Comment 26 Nov 2017
Hit up Fan fest at the convention center. Free admission with game ticket. The Ram, Champs and hooters have been a good place to grab a beer the last few years.