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Comment 20 Apr 2015

Thats fair, i don't fault you for that. Obviously being in the band makes me somewhat biased towards Jon because he was such a great guy.  He never seemed like a guy that would hide things or try to cover anything up. He was always about the welfare of the students and always put us first. If anything I would want everyone who didn't know jon to know that.

Comment 20 Apr 2015

I'm sorry i don't have a link to that but i believe it was in either the initial report or the one after. I just remember that it happened because i was in the band when all of this happened. After the incident, Jon had people come in and talk to us about sexual harassment and other student life issues. As far as I knew, Jon took care of everything in a very timely manner and the individual was swiftly removed from the band and also the university. Now obviously, there are things that I wouldn't and probably never will know about things that happened so it wouldn't be fair for me to comment on those people or the situation. All I do know, is he never stood for any sexual harassment or anything of that nature and he made that EXTREMELY clear to us. 

Comment 20 Apr 2015

You seemed to have missed the part where he expelled the person from the band after the incident (occurred friday…expelled monday). You also missed the part where Jon stopped the whole midnight ramp thing and put an end to numerous traditions that started way before he got there. How could you expect him to control college kids when they're not in class?  

Comment 23 Jan 2014

Idk we looked pretty rough. Hopefully Lenzelle can keep it going tho. We NEED him to keep scoring. At least its still January so we have time to get better still.