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Comment 26 Jan 2019
He had a ton of success, but NOT winning the National Championship with that 2015 team is simply a horrific black mark. A LOT of coaching staffs win the NC that year with that roster and that schedule.
Comment 21 Jan 2019
That call was one of the worst ever but it happens. I know that those games were entertaining throughout unlike the one-sided beatings that took place in the CFP semifinal games.
Comment 07 Jan 2019
Two good teams, I'll watch. I wish it wasn't them again, but it is what it is. Someone should have beaten them.
Comment 02 Jan 2019

Yikes, who had the Big Ten West going 4-1 and the East 1-3? Michigan State and Penn State should've won their games. 

Comment 25 Nov 2018
They've had a weird season. Lost to Akron, barely beat Rutgers... but also only lost by 3 to Michigan and 10 to Notre Dame. All over the place, but we need our offense to take over the game indoors on the fast track. They aren't an explosive offense, so we should be able to keep them at least somewhat in check.
Comment 12 Oct 2018
Nothing matters in CFB as long as Alabama has (a healthy) Tua. They aren't playing the same sport as everyone else. So its best to just enjoy watching the team play and improve. Season is half over already and will be done before we know it...
Comment 28 Sep 2018
Allowing big plays. Getting a consistent pass rush without Nick Bosa and without having to blitz. Jordan's snaps against a defense that will be pressuring all night long like TCU did.
Comment 08 May 2018

I'm sort of in this camp as well. Dobbins was great filling in when Mike was hurt early in the season and then just got the majority of the carries the rest of the way, even when Weber was delivering with explosive runs toward the middle/end of the season. The fact that JT got so many carries reduced Mike's opportunities even more. Really excited to get a heavier dose of both guys this season since it looks like we'll be rolling w/ Haskins. 

Comment 08 May 2018

Only chance is if the Warriors don't make it, or if they make it while losing KD or Steph to injury. I'd love to be wrong about that, but that team's 3rd and 4th best players are possible HOFers, while the Cavs 3rd and 4th best players are George Hill and Kyle Korver. 

Comment 19 Mar 2018

But what does that have to do with anything? Hopefully the guy can get his health taken care of. Clearly there are problems with the team and most of the fanbase doesn't want the guy to be the coach, but not this way.

Also, he was the coach during the only title they'll ever win. So there's that.