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Comment 11 Nov 2019
It is insane to me that the talking heads automatically assume that the SEC has the inside track to get two teams into the playoffs, like from the beginning of the season. That default narrative is hard to erase as the season progresses.
Comment 16 Oct 2019
"shut up and keep your opinions to yourself" is itself an opinion that one should, in turn, keep to oneself. Somehow the irony of it all is lost on most people.
Comment 25 Sep 2019
Wow. I was smiling the whole time I was listening, but even still I started to feel bad for that guy.
Comment 08 Sep 2019
Me too. A punk is a punk even though he may wear a different jersey now.
Comment 31 Aug 2019
I'm going to postulate that your coworkers aren't world-class athletes, so that could help explain things
Comment 20 Jul 2019
For me, the issue isn't that they hate OSU. It is that they adore the SEC. Therefore, they seem to habitually skew the conversation to support the SEC at the expense of other top schools in other conferences, which often includes OSU. I don't necessarily think they are anti OSU. They are just so pro SEC that they appear anti everyone else.
Comment 29 Jun 2019
Urban looked like a dead man walking at the end of last year. I know he loves coaching, but I hope for his health and family he withstands the urge for longer than 1 year away. It was painful to watch him last year
Comment 21 Jun 2019
Every time I think we've reached rock-bottom with youth sports, someone comes along with a jackhammer to take us further down. This is pathetic
Comment 28 Feb 2019

You are so adamant that he isn’t 5’10” that you just had to name  the jpeg IMG_5901, didn’t you? Haha

Comment 31 Dec 2018

For the Maryland game I was in Kathmandu on a trip. I had to download a vpn service and agree to several free trials to get access to WatchESPN. 

Exhausted from a week of trekking, I turned it off in the second quarter after watching our defense stand around mannequin challenge style while Maryland scored at will.

it wasn’t too hard to get the game, but it was definitely not worth the effort.

Comment 15 Dec 2018

I agree that tough decisions need to be made regarding staff, but Zimmer’s approach won’t translate to the college level where long-term success depends on recruiting and recruiting often depends on relationships (I.e. stability). In the pros one season is a lifetime unto itself so coaching changes can occur more abruptly. But shaking things up in college can have longer ramifications