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Comment 01 Oct 2018

I think that's exactly the point.  More pressure means get ball out sooner and therefore shorter, quicker throws (hence, lower air yards vs penn state).  Versus TCU, their schemes were more complex and threw him off, but still had time in pocket to launch it.  In general, the receivers didn't run much after catches against PSU because they were so out of rhythm and couldn't do much...i'd assume most of the YACs were from the screens and bubble screens.  btw, i wasn't the one that DV you

Comment 17 Mar 2018

Great season.  But terrible refs this game.  Some bad calls went our way too but there was a series in the 2nd that blew my mind.  Dude was throwing his off arm out into someone’s chest and scored, no call.  Next time down he does it again on a rebound, but they call the foul on us.  Lot of weak calls that affected the play of game.  Go Xavier and Go Houston!