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Comment 26 Jan 2020

"My duck neighbors won’t be cocky again, they learned their lesson after 2014"

They never Learn.    For the 2010 Rose Bowl, I heard nothing but smack from my duck neighbors until they lost.  The Same in 2014.  Don't sell them short.  Duck fans think that they invented the game in 2009 with Chip Kelly.  They'll be mouthy this year as well.  They just can't help themselves.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Clemson's O and D rankings and stats are similar to OSU's.  Given that Clemson plays in what amounts to little more than a MAC conference, and this OSU team is more talented top to bottom than any Buckeye team from 2014 through 2018, OSU than should be more than a one or two point favorite.

Three weeks to rest up and prepare...  The Buckeyes are going to beat these guys.

Comment 08 Dec 2019

OSU is going to feel slighted, and like Galloway just said, after getting punched in the face by Wisconsin, this team showed what it is capable of when it's motivated and clicking on all cylinders. Expect OSU's best football yet to come ...

I think Clemson is going to get exposed to be honest.

They’re schedule has been trash. They have not played ONE SINGLE team in the top 20 all year. Look at their conference! It’s so terrible that 3 loss Virgina went to to the conference championship. Virginia would barely be a .500 team in the B1G or SEC.

Well, ~3 weeks to heal, prepare, and and mount that chip on their shoulder.

Go Bucks!!!